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Make it So's Phase II is Underway - Vote NOW for Challenge #7!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

5th December 2011

The individual phase of Make it So is underway, and the contestants have completed their first solo challenge! Now, we need your help and we need your votes! Your votes are even more important in Phase II, as you will help influence which two contestants make it to the Final Challenge and will face off for the coveted position of The Next Assistant Designer.

As this is the first challenge of Phase II, all of our contestants are starting off with a clean slate. Here is the challenge with which they were set:

Challenge #7: Anti-Shenanigans
Choose a mechanic or trick that you feel is too powerful; create a single card that can be used to reign-in that mechanic or trick.

The challenge explanation on the MiS forums talks about how design is constantly looking to nudge the game in the right direction, and some tips and tricks for doing so.

Here are the team's submissions. They are being presented anonymously and in a standard format:

Download a PDF of all of these cards here.

[Evt] 2 •Impudent Trick
Plays in your core. When a dilemma that a personnel just faced is returned to its owner’s dilemma pile, that personnel’s owner may take a dilemma he or she owns from beneath an opponent’s mission and return it to his or her dilemma pile.
“Would you believe me if I told you that I could steal her powers and perform the same magical acts as she?”
Submitted by Contestant Alpha

[S] •Escape Singularity
[DQ] [35]
Astrometrics, 2 Navigation, Cunning>33, and (Physics or Science)
When an opponent removes any number of cards in your deck or discard pile from the game, you may choose one: draw two cards; or score 5 points.
Hirogen space: “I can’t. The gravity well is pulling us in. That vessel is weakening the module’s containment field.”
Any affiliation may attempt this mission.
[SPAN 4]
Submitted by Contestant Beta

[D] 3 There Are Rules
Each personnel who possesses a skill not printed on a personnel here or an attribute higher than the highest printed value of the same attribute on a personnel here is stopped. Unless you have 2 Honor or 2 Treachery, this dilemma returns to its owner’s dilemma pile.
“We have an advantage. Normal people can’t compete. It’s not fair.”
Submitted by Contestant Gamma

[S] •Study "Hole in Space"
[AQ] [35]
Astrometrics, 2 Diplomacy, Navigation, Physics, and (Cunning>34 or Integrity>32)
Cards an opponent owns cannot remove non-Persistent dilemmas from beneath this mission.
Morgana Quadrant: “Sensors show nothing out there, absolutely nothing.”
Any affiliation may attempt this mission.
[SPAN 4]
Submitted by Contestant Delta

[Evt] 2 •Rule of Obedience #14
Plays in your core. When a dilemma you own is prevented, you may search your dilemma pile for a dilemma that requires a skill and place it on top of your dilemma stack. Then shuffle and replace your dilemma pile.
“No jokes.”
Submitted by Contestant Epsilon

[Baj] 3 •Miles O’Brien (Reluctant Storyteller)
[Stf] [DS9] Human
•Anthropology •2 Engineer •Honor •Programming •Transporters
When an opponent’s card is about to remove a card in your discard pile from the game, you may discard an event from hand to prevent that.
“Once upon a time, there was a Dal’Rok.”
Submitted by Contestant Zeta

Download a PDF of all of these cards here.

Don't forget that this year, the public votes are a huge factor in each challenge's outcome. Every vote counts! And, if you vote, you might be eligible to get a random tournament foil just for expressing your opinion!

To vote, simply fill out the survey below! Your votes will be recorded when you submit the results and saved, so that if you change your mind later, you can come back and re-vote.

Voting is open until midnight (GMT-6) on Sunday, December 11. Thank you for voting and we can't wait to see what happens next!

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