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For Cardassia: Anatomy of a Cardassian Card

by Brad DeFruiter, Lead Designer

30th April 2008

What does it mean to be a Cardassian? Let me list things that you may or may not know about the design of the Cardassians:

• The Cardassians create a lot of waste. This is why they have so many costs and effects that discard cards from hand.

• The Cardassians are the best affiliation at taking captives.

• The Cardassians have more short-term thinking cards. They want things now, not down the road.

• The Cardassians do not have discard retrieval.

• The Cardassians like to discard cards from the top of opponents' decks, creating more waste and “pillaging” opponents.

• The Cardassians do not have a lot of great attributes but rather 'middle of the road' attributes. This is why their attribute-gaining cards tend to last until the end of turn.

• The Cardassians should not be afraid to pay high costs for big effects.

• The Cardassians like to take advantage of non-Cardassians.

I hope that this list gives players and fans of STCCG Second Edition some insight and a better appreciation of Cardassians.

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