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Voting for Challenge #8 is OPEN!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

12th December 2011

With one individual challenge in the bag, returning player Conno "WeyounsLastClone" Hendrikson claims the top spot and rookie Mark "BaronMorrath" Morris stands behind him as runner up. But, it's still a wide open game, as anyone can slip up or find a brilliant entry and there are lots of points to be claimed. The game marches on, and it's time to judge the submissions for Challenge #8!

Challenge #8: Make Us Go
Choose a deck type that has not won or placed in the top four (4) of any major tournament in 2011. Design a card that would boost, but not overpower, that deck-type.

The challenge explanation on the MiS forums talks about how design is always looking and researching which affiliations and decks need help, and some tips and tricks for providing that help.

Here are the team's submissions. They are being presented anonymously and in a standard format:

Download a PDF of all of these cards here.

[Equ] 1 Slug-o-Cola
Commodity. When you lose command of this equipment, you may place a card from hand beneath your Ferenginar.
Order – Place this equipment aboard an opponent’s ship (he or she now commands this equipment) to download a card and place it beneath your Ferenginar.
“Drink Slug-o-Cola! The slimiest cola in the galaxy.”
Submitted by Contestant Angel

[Evt] 1 Rule of Acquisition #239
Rule. To play this event, you must command three [Fer] personnel. When you play this event, choose [AU], [Fut], or [Pa]. Each [Fer] personnel you own gains that icon. At the end of your turn, return this event to its owner’s hand.
“Never be afraid to mislabel a product.”
Submitted by Contestant Beast

[Evt] 0 Vacuum-Desiccation
To play this event, you must command Ferenginar and no other headquarters mission. Plays in your core. When your [Fer] personnel is about to be killed by a card an opponent owns, you may discard a card from hand to place that personnel beneath your Ferenginar instead.
“Everyone will want a disk of Quark on their desk.”
Submitted by Contestant Cyclops

[Dom] 3 Dren
[Stf] Breen
•Engineer •Officer •Science •Security
While this personnel is aboard your [Dom] ship, it is Weapons +1. While this personnel is present with your [Dom] personnel with a cost of 4 or more, the first non-Damage Maneuver event you play each turn is cost -1.
“The Breen will begin to install their energy dampening weapons aboard Jem’Hadar fighters within a week.”
Submitted by Contestant Iceman

[Fed] 2 Garvey (Battleship Guard)
[Stf] [TNG] [AU] Human
•Biology •Geology •Security
When you are about to play an [AU] [TNG] personnel and this personnel is present with an [AU] [TNG] personnel of cost 4 or more, you may stop this personnel to make that card cost -1.
Submitted by Contestant Phoenix

[Dom] 7 Enhanced Attack Ship
[Cmd] [Stf]
Attack Ship
Order - Discard a [Dom] personnel who has a cost of 4 or more from hand to begin an engagement involving this ship. If you win, name a dilemma, Each player searches his or her dilemma pile for a copy of that dilemma and removes it from the game, then shuffles and replaces his or her dilemma pile.
“The installation of the Breen weapons aboard Dominion ships must be accelerated.”
Submitted by Contestant Xavier

Download a PDF of all of these cards here.

Don't forget that this year, the public votes are a huge factor in each challenge's outcome. Every vote counts! And, if you vote, you might be eligible to get a random tournament foil just for expressing your opinion!

To vote, simply fill out the survey below! Your votes will be recorded when you submit the results and saved, so that if you change your mind later, you can come back and re-vote.

Voting is open until midnight (GMT-6) on Sunday, December 18. Thank you for voting and we can't wait to see what happens next!

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