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Voting for Challenge #9 is OPEN!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

19th December 2011

After one individual challenge, returning player Conno "WeyounsLastClone" Hendrikson claimed the top spot and rookie Mark "BaronMorrath" Morris stood behind as runner up. Voting for the second challenge is closed and the results are pending, but there's more work to be done - it's time to vote on the submissions for Challenge #9!

Challenge #9: Image (Again)
Create a card for one (1) of the provided images. (Click here to see the images provided.)

The challenge explanation on the MiS forums talks about how members on design teams often have to split assignments between themselves and might have to work on unpopular options for the greater good.

Here are the team's submissions. They are being presented anonymously and in a standard format: (Today's code names are from Earth: Final Conflict thanks to a suggestion from the chat room!)

Download a PDF of all of these cards here.

[S] 0 Annoying Hippies
Place this dilemma in your core. When you are about to play an event, that event is cost +1 for each of your headquarters missions. When you place a dilemma in your core, remove this dilemma from the game.
“The arrogance of Doctor Sevrin and his followers is creating an intolerable situation aboard the Enterprise.”
Submitted by Contestant Boone

[Evt] 2 •Miracle
Plays in your core. When an opponent’s dilemma is overcome, you may place it on this event instead of underneath the mission. When an opponent’s dilemma is revealed, if that dilemma costs less than the number of cards on this event, you may destroy this event to prevent and overcome that dilemma.
“Take a look for yourselves.”
Submitted by Contestant Marquette

[Fed] 1 •Charlene (Glowing Wife and Mother)
[Voy] Hologram
•Anthropology •Honor When you play this personnel, you may stop your Hologram to draw a number of cards equal to the cost of that Hologram, then place an equal number of cards from hand on the bottom of your deck.
“In fact, we think we have just about the most wonderful husband and father in the quadrant, don’t we?”
Submitted by Contestant Sandoval

[Evt] 2 Peace and Long Life
Lose 5 points to play in your core. Players cannot begin combat nor begin an engagement. When a personnel is about to be killed, stop that personnel instead. At the start of your turn, remove this event from the game.
“The Minister intends to pursue a less aggressive policy toward your people.”
Submitted by Contestant Deveraux

[S] 2 High-Speed Chase
Your personnel cannot gain a skill as a result of paying a cost while facing this dilemma. Unless you have a personnel with 2 Engineer or a personnel with 2 Programming, randomly select a personnel to be placed on your headquarters mission. That personnel is stopped.
Excelsior closing to four thousand meters, sir.”
“Scotty, we’ll need everything you have.”

Submitted by Contestant Da'an

[Fed] 3 •Wesley Crusher (Tactical Officer)
[Stf] [TNG] [AU] Human
•Astrometrics •Officer •Physics •Science •2 Security When this personnel or your [AU] [TNG] personnel present is exchanged or replaced with another personnel, score 10 points. You may do this only once each turn.
“Maybe we could locate the quantum state that shares Worf’s signature and find a way to get him back.”
Submitted by Contestant Doors

Download a PDF of all of these cards here.

Don't forget that this year, the public votes are a huge factor in each challenge's outcome. Every vote counts! And, if you vote, you might be eligible to get a random tournament foil just for expressing your opinion!

To vote, simply fill out the survey below! Your votes will be recorded when you submit the results and saved, so that if you change your mind later, you can come back and re-vote.

Because of the holiday season, we're providing extra time for everyone to vote. Voting for Challenge #9 is open until midnight (GMT-6) on Monday, January 2, 2012. Thank you for voting and we can't wait to see what happens next!

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