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2012 Worlds: We Have a Venue!

by Matthyas Kiraly, Australian OP Coordinator

30th December 2011

Thank you for your patience. Securing a primary venue has been tricky given time and budget restrictions. We have worked hard to find a venue that will both accommodate our needs, as well as pay respect to the greatest tournament on the annual Star Trek CCG calendar.

Within short walking distance to Bankstown train station which runs directly to the city, Bankstown Sports is a complete venue. It contains accommodation, restaurants, bars and a friendly, vibrant atmosphere to ensure the 2012 World Championships will be a memorable one.

This venue will be used for the majority of the World Championship events.

The on-site accommodation is offered by Travelodge Bankstown. They have offered us group booking rates which are roughly 10% cheaper than the best internet rates through their website.

Special Group Room Only rates are:

AU$145 (twin-share, room only) <- AU$72.50 per person
AU$185 (triple-share, room only) <- AU$61.67 per person

Special Group B&B rates are:

AU$180 (twin-share, with breakfast) <- AU$90 per person
AU$235 (triple-share, with breakfast) <- AU$78.33 per person

Again, the above rates are special group rates. I am still making arrangements with Travelodge regarding the booking process for these rooms. Please keep an eye on the World Championships forum for updates on this, and instructions on how to make your booking.

At this stage, the plan is to host the Australian World Biermeister Championships out of Maloney's Hotel in the centre of Sydney.

The venue has been very accommodating in the past, and the food and beverages are priced very competitively. Players staying at Bankstown will be escorted as a group to the Biermeister, so there should be no problems getting to and from the venue.

Any other secondary venues will be announced with the event schedule, but they will most likely only be for the Wednesday prior to the Biermeister. Thursday to Sunday will be exclusively at the Bankstown venue.

Thanks all, and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please feel free to PM me and I will answer them as best as I can.

Watch the World Championship forum for more information regarding the 2012 Worlds!

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