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Three virtual starters updated

by Torbjörn Lindquist, Ambassador

9th January 2012

The intentions are to rebuild between two and four of starters around the release of each new set. The focus lies on decks that are a little bit "behind" and have got some nice new tools since the last rebuild. This time the honors came to the Maquis, DS9 and Ferengi.

The Maquis starter is built around the new Native American team. It utilizes the new events, but Habak is used mainly to get bonus attributes from Not Easily Taken, not for bonus points. The bonus points can be helpful if opponent plays Causal Recursion though.

For the DS9 deck, the big addition is Boq'ta, which brings a non-unique gold star to the DS9, the inclusion of the promo Defiant that got printable this week (to make use of the gold stars) and a change in missions to make all missions gamma quadrant, to be able to use Defiants ability.

The Ferengi deck did get the new Jadzia and a couple of copies of Oo-mox.
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