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Voting for Challenge #10 is OPEN!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

14th January 2012

This is it, folks, the penultimate time that we will ask for your votes for Make it So 2011. After this challenge, Challenge #10, only two (2) contestants will remain and will participate in the Final Challenge to decide who will become the Next Assistant Designer. Will it be Ben Hosp, our current leader? Or Conno Hendriksen, our current runner up? Or will our 3rd place contestant, Mark Morris, stage a rally and take one of the top two spots? Or perhaps one of our other three contestants - Ian, Jonathan, or Matthew - will stage a coup and steal victory! Your votes will decide!

Challenge #10: All-In
Design three (3) cards that showcase your knowledge, skill, experience and illustrates why you should be the next Assistant Designer.

As we explained in the challenge post, while each contestant has submitted three (3) designs, you will only see one of them. Chris "Maelwys" Lobban, our Chief Programmer and an experienced Assistant Designer in his own right, has selected what he considers to be the best card of each candidate's submissions. Those alone are what you will judge!

Here are the team's submissions. They are being presented anonymously and in a standard format:

Download a PDF of all of these cards here.

[S] 3 Balance of Terror
Randomly select a personnel to be stopped. Unless you have Diplomacy, Officer, Security, and Integrity>30 or Honor, Intelligence, and Cunning>34, randomly select a second personnel to be stopped and your opponent may download a Maneuver event.
“These are Romulans! You run away from them and you guarantee war!”
Submitted by Contestant Raynor

[Evt] 2 Transparent Manipulations
To play this event, you must command three Intelligence personnel. Reveal the top four dilemmas of your dilemma pile. You may place each of those dilemmas on the top or bottom of your dilemma pile in any order. Destroy this event.
“A diplomatic mission. We’ve been invited, believe it or not.”
Submitted by Contestant Kerrigan

[Dom] 2 •Krajensky Founder (Saboteur)
[Cmd] Changeling
•Diplomacy •Intelligence •Programming •Treachery Founder. Infiltrator. Shape-shifter. While you command an Infiltration event, opponent’s personnel present cannot gain skills.
“Don’t you see? You’ve lost.”
Submitted by Contestant Mengsk

[Dom] 2 •Quark (Skilled Negotiator)
•Acquisition •Anthropology •Diplomacy •Programming •Treachery When you play this personnel, you may download a Commodity event, then give command of that event to an opponent.
“You know, there’s another risk you can take. Staying in business with me.”
Submitted by Contestant Zeratul

[Kli] 3 •Toral (Devious Child)
[Cmd] Klingon
•Anthropology •Engineer •Leadership •Science •2 Treachery When this personnel is an eligible target for a random selection, for each Artifact he is equipped with, you may exclude a Treachery Klingon from that selection.
“With the Sword in my hand, I’ll be leading the Empire!”
Submitted by Contestant Artanis

[Int] New Essentialist Philosophy
To play this interrupt, you must command two personnel of different species.
Order – Return a dilemma that is on top of your completed mission to its owner’s dilemma pile to take your dilemma beneath an opponent’s completed mission and place it on top of your dilemma pile.
“We’re dedicated to restoring the moral and cultural traditions of the Federation. This is a statement of our principles. But if you’d like to hear more, we’re holding a rally this afternoon.”
Submitted by Contestant Tychus

Download a PDF of all of these cards here.

Don't forget that this year, the public votes are a huge factor in each challenge's outcome. Every vote counts! And, if you vote, you might be eligible to get a random tournament foil just for expressing your opinion!

To vote, simply fill out the survey below! Your votes will be recorded when you submit the results and saved, so that if you change your mind later, you can come back and re-vote. Voting will remain open until Midnight (Eastern) on Thursday, January 19th, 2012. Thank you for voting and we can't wait to see what happens next!

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