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Make it So: Voting CLOSED; Live Results Sunday @ 6 PM EST

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

13th February 2012

Voting is now closed! Tune in later today for the LIVE RESULTS SHOW and find out who will become the Next Assistant Designer!

After almost a dozen challenges, nearly a hundred freshly designed cards, and months and months of hard works, we are two weeks away from the end of Make it So 2011! Today, voting opens for The Final Challenge. Two contestants, veteran contestant Ben Hosp and first-year challenger Mark Morris, have completed their designs and present them to you for review.

The Final Challenge
Acting as the Lead Designer of your own team, create a "boutique style" expansion of fifteen (15) cards that illustrate your skills and vision for the game.

Mark Morris presents The Most Toys, a fifteen (15) card boutique entry based on equipment. Take a look at The Most Toys, and then you can vote on the cards down below. Read more in the submission forum thread.

Ben Hosp presents Paradise Lost, a fifteen (15) card boutique entry based on the hardships of war. Take a look at Paradise Lost, and then you can vote on the cards down below. Read more in the submission forum thread.

Don't forget that this year, the public votes are a huge factor in each challenge's outcome. Every vote counts! And, if you vote, you might be eligible to get a random tournament foil just for expressing your opinion!

To vote, simply fill out the survey below! Your votes will be recorded when you submit the results and saved, so that if you change your mind later, you can come back and re-vote. Since there are so many cards, voting will remain open for two weeks until Midnight (Eastern) on Saturday, February 25th, 2012. Thank you for voting and we can't wait to see who emerges victorious!

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