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Which Weyoun Was Which?

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

2nd May 2008

I'll be honest - we kinda tricked you. Because several of you are known for finding things you shouldn't, we planted a fake version of the card with the correct file name. But only a few of you fell for it. It's okay, that's what the random prize is for!

Without further teasing, the correct answer was Weyoun #3:

Congratulations to our two randomly selected winners: James Floyd and Brian Sykes! You'll be contacted shortly and once we have your address, you'll get a shiny Tragic Turn foil sent out directly.

A few interesting pieces of trivia for you though. First, an honorable mention to Jens Petritzki, who sent in a guess of "Weyoun, Scheming Negotiator" - while technically correct, and very creative, that wasn't quite a legal guess. Now, I wanted to fill you in on the imposter Weyouns. Did you know that Weyouns #1, #2, and #4 were all actual cards in one or more of the play testing files for The Undiscovered Country? But they all suffered from various problems that caused the design team to head back to the drawing board.

Only Weyoun #5 was "fake" - he was made up on the fly to try and throw you off, but he got the fewest votes of all of them. You guys and gals are pretty smart!

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