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Mark Morris is the Winner of Make it So 2011!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

26th February 2012

It's been a long battle, but Mark "BaronMorrath" Morris has won Make it So 2011 and will join the design team for an upcoming expansion! The entire Continuing Committee would like to thank Mark, Ben, and everyone who participated in this long and exciting process throughout the past few months.

You can listen to our entire broadcast, which features interviews with Team Morris, Team Hosp, and our panel of judges, at TrekCC's USTREAM channel. You can read all of the comments from the public, judges, and design team members on the Make it So forums, in a thread for The Most Toys and a separate thread for Paradise Lost.

We're also proud to announce that a random Second Edition tournament foil will be sent to each of five (5) randomly selected voters for The Final Challenge. Congrats to jjh, RedDwarf, Honest, Boon of Bolian, and waso, and thanks them (and everyone else) for their votes!

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