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by Dan Hamman, Tribble Breeder

1st April 2012

"...When I have some I'll let you know."
- Captain Picard

Tribbles: You can't live with them, who'd want to live without them? Welcome to the fourth Virtual Tribbles expansion!

Nothing but Tribble adds a full set's worth of new powers and reprints some missing tribbles from last year's Trials and Tribbleations.

Do you have fond memories of starting a tribble group with either 1 or 10 tribbles in Star Trek First Edition? You can use Advance if the conditions are right. Assimilate an opponent's tribble to score as your own if you go out! Just remember - if freed from your collective - that tribble goes right back where it came from: the top of the opponent's deck.

IDIC will reward diversity in your deck construction. Masaka may save you if your tribbles are breeding in your hand instead of your play pile.

If you want a glimps into the future, Scan will let you. Convert could change a lowly 1 Tribble into 100,000. And Utilize can score points immediately score from an opponent's tribble... at the cost of edging them closer to going out!

Get your printers ready, and breed at will! Nothing but Tribble is here!
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