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OP Achievements Adjusted

by Rogue Shindler, Achievement Master

28th March 2012

With the new alignment of the tournament formats updated in the new Organized Play Guide, the need has arisen to adjust several achievements that reward playing in or running an assortment of tournament formats.

For the most part, many of these achievements have had their wording clarified so that they essentially function the same as before, detailing the format (Constructed, Sealed, or Draft), rules set, and card pool required for each achievement. If one of these three is not specified in the achievement's requirements, any sanctioned selection is eligible.

These adjustments may result in a few achievements lost and a few achievements gained, but it reduces the vague definitions for these achievements, and clarifies specifically the type of tournament needed to qualify. Previously, it was possible to qualify for but not earn more than one because the system would only recognize certain aspects of a tournaments format. These changes will help not only clear up all aspects of a tournament's format, rules, and card pool, but will allow for different combinations to qualify for future achievements.

Thank you all for your patience as we make this paradigm shift for a smoother and clearer path moving forward.

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