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World Championship Rotation - April Fools!

by Charlie Plaine, Chairman

1st April 2012

April Fools! We hope you enjoyed our prank this year!

In 2010, The Continuing Committee made history by hosting the World Championships in Germany, the first time it had been held outside the United States. This year, in 2012, we've done so again by hosting the World Championships in Australia. We enjoy the idea of making history, so today we're announcing our new global World Championship initiative to ensure players around the world get to experience the thrill of championship play.

Starting with this year's event, the World Championship will be hosted in a different country each year for nearly the next twenty (20) years! We're announcing all of these locations now to ensure that players have adequate time to plan their travel.

Here is the official list of host cities for the next eighteen (18) years of World Championships:

We're excited to present this new initiative for our World Championships, and couldn't wait to announce it! So check your calendars now and start preparing trips - today's a great day to plan a vacation to Lisbon, Portugal, in 2022!

To discuss this new global initiative, please visit our forums! Have a great day!

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