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2012 Australian Continental Championships

by Matthyas Kiraly, Australian OP Coordinator

25th May 2012

With the inaugural Australian National Academy Championships kicking off the start of the biggest week of Star Trek CCG in the world, the 2012 Australian Continental Championships is hardly a warm-up for the 2012 World Championships in Sydney this September- it IS the main event this Continentals season! Bigger and better than ever, we're not holding back on anything this year.

Given almost all Australian players (and anthropomorphised rakes) I know travelling from outside of Sydney will be attending BOTH the Continentals and Worlds tournaments, you will seriously regret not making the Trek to Sydney this June/July. That, and you may be lined up for a severe poking by Casanova at Worlds. You have been warned...

Sunday the 24th of June to Sunday the 1st of July 2012

Click here for Google Map
(Click for Google Map)
Good Games, Burwood
Level 1
195A Burwood Rd
Burwood NSW 2134

Click here for Google Map
(Click for Google Map)
Maloney's Hotel, Sydney (for the Biermeister only)
81 Goulburn Street (corner Pitt St)
Sydney NSW 2000

The 2012 Australian Continental Championships week kicks off on Sunday the 24th of June with the first qualifying heat of the Tribbles CCG Australian Continental Championships, just before the start of the Australian National Academy Championships. Then, a two-day break before five days of non-stop Trek beginning Wednesday evening with the premiere Australian Star Trek CCG social event of the year: the Australian Biermeister Nationals! First Edition and Second Edition Continental Championships follow, with the week coming full-circle on Sunday the 1st of July with the Tribbles CCG Continentals final.

Click here for the full schedule in the Continental Championships forum.

To be held on Wednesday the 27th of June at Maloney's Hotel, you can find more detailed information about this very popular, special format unsanctioned event at TrekAustralia.net.

No matter where you are in the world you too can participate in the excitement of the 2012 Australian Continental Championships! Select a fantasy team of players and cheer them on as they play towards not only championship glory, but also prizes for you if you select the highest scoring team. Submit your entry for the first of the two Australian Star Trek CCG Dream Team competitions we will be running in 2012. You can find the announcement article here, and the forum post in the Continental Championships forum, where you can submit your entry, discuss, and ask any questions you may have about the competition.

This deserves a special mention. 2012 onwards, we need decklists posted online for EVERY PLAYER in the 1e AC (Qualifier and Final), the 2e AC (Qualifier and Final), and the Tribbles AC Final. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I still require printed versions and will collect them as normal, but I need your decklist attached to the tournament on trekcc.org. Simply select the tournament in the tournament system (or click the link in the schedule) and click on the STCCG card icon beside your name in the results*.

If you are having any difficulties in doing this, please ask your Judge/Tournament Director or your fellow players for assistance. I would like to see as many players as possible enter their own decklists into the system after the event.

*We will endeavour to have all results for an event posted either at the event, or within 24 hours after the event.

All effort will be made to finish the event on-time on the Sunday, but history has shown us that with the 2e AC finals and side-events running in parallel, someone is almost always going to be left waiting. I would encourage anyone waiting for the end of the event to come speak to me about volunteering to help get everything sorted out. The last few years have been hectic and I hate to see people standing around waiting. Whether it's prize distributions, sorting out scorecards, or this year, directly assisting in the final result announcements and prize presentations, there will be plenty to do and every opportunity to get involved in the success of your 2012 Australian Continental Championships.


Any questions, suggestions or comments, please feel free to message me.

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