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July 2019

Future Pike Instructs People at K7
by James Monsebroten, Staff WriterJuly 3rd
An article outlining a General Order 7 deck that utilizes Sherman's Peak.

June 2019

I Know Why "The Cage" Plants Sing
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterJune 28th
Building a Federation deck around Preserver Obelisk

January 2019

Online Sealed Series #1: PaQ AttaQ (Part 2)
by Daniel Matteson, Director of CommunicationsJanuary 30th
Last week we introduced the Online Sealed Series and looked at an example cardpool. This week we'll mold it into a functional (?) deck.
Online Sealed Series #1: PaQ AttaQ (Part 1)
by Daniel Matteson, Director of CommunicationsJanuary 22nd
The 2019 Online Sealed Series begins January 28th! Let me introduce you to the first event, PaQ AttaQ.

August 2018

Coming of Age: Evolution
by Paddy Tye, First Edition Creative ManagerAugust 25th
What are the next steps after using the Coming of Age starter decks?

April 2018

Under Pressure
by Paddy Tye, First Edition Creative ManagerApril 18th
Pressure... pushing down on me, pressing down on you

January 2018

Yes, I Am Serious
by Dan Hamman, Offbeat DesignerJanuary 1st
And don't call me Shirley

November 2017

Nowhere to hide. A deck for the advanced players.
by Niall Matthew, the Cybernetic SexecutionerNovember 11th
A Borg deck for the advanced players.
Playing First Edition Borg
by Niall Matthew, Inserter of TubulesNovember 7th
Never played Borg before? This deck will guide you in the right path...

September 2017

Vulcan Spies
by James Monsebroten, Staff WriterSeptember 19th
A Vulcan deck using IDIC: Courage of the V'Shar
Vulcan Scheming of a White Christmas
by Charlie Plaine, Live Long and Prosper Lead DesignerSeptember 17th
Not sure what to do with the new Vulcan affiliation? Use this deck based on the Schemes of the High Command as a starting point!
We're the Syrranites. We Don't Lie.
by Matthew Zinno, Logical DesignerSeptember 15th
An in-depth look at the cards which make up the Syrranite sect.
All Vulcans Allowed
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterSeptember 12th
Step 1, play your Vulcans. Step 2, get your Vulcans to the spaceline. Step 3, Logic!

June 2017

All Vulcans All The Time
by James Monsebroten, Freelance WriterJune 24th
A Kolinahr deck article.

April 2017

Return of the Augments
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterApril 7th
The Broken Bow Klingons honor the ones who came before.

March 2017

An Archer, By Any Other Name
by Prisoner Paddy, Broken Bow designer and In ContemptMarch 25th
Oh Boy! Look what trouble Jonathan Archer has leaped into now…

March 2016

Fear Will Keep Them in Line
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterMarch 23rd
The brutality of the Mirror Universe, seen through James Kirk's eyes.
Mr. Tucker, Turn on the Nitrous
by James Cream, Staff WriterMarch 18th
Free playing personnel is always an interesting Enterprise.

September 2015

The Regent's Flagship
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterSeptember 18th
A deck article using one of the new Crossover engines for the KCA.
Both Sides of the Mirror
by James Cream, Staff WriterSeptember 11th
A Terran Empire deck using a few of the new toys from the newest First Edition expansion.

January 2015

The Stars Are Made of Latinum
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterJanuary 29th
The Ferengi seek profit (what else?) in The Gamma Quadrant.
What if the Dominion Never Left the Gamma Quadrant?
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterJanuary 23rd
A look at a deck that stays in the Gamma Quadrant and just solves missions.
The Green Is Better When It's a Little Purple
by James Cream, Staff WriterJanuary 16th
A build around the Romulan/Cardassian Treaty and Enabran Tain's joint adventure.

December 2014

The Front Line
by James Cream, Staff WriterDecember 13th
The final article in our series celebrating the release of the 20th Anniversary Collection.
General Korok
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterDecember 5th
General Korok joins the ranks of the freed Borg.
Leader of the Sect
by James Cream, Staff WriterDecember 3rd
What the Kazon need more than anything, is a reliable way to jump start their primary play engine. The XXth Anniversary Collection beams in something even better than Transporter technology.

November 2014

Commodore Decker
by Commodore Matt Decker, StarfleetNovember 29th
Attention, all hands! Commodore Decker, reporting for duty.
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterNovember 23rd
For the new Twentieth Anniversary set, we have an old Jem'Hadar who comes from the Dominion set ... or Call to Arms.
Lwaxana Troi
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanNovember 21st
Daughter of the Fifth House, holder of the Sacred Chalice of Rixx, heir to the Holy Rings of Betazed and now sporting a Deep Space Nine property logo!
They'll Assimilate the Enterprise, and then Earth
by Niall Matthew, Assimilated CounterpartNovember 17th
The Borg acquire a deadly new card to help in their quest to conquer the Federation.
by Niall Matthew, AmbassadorNovember 13th
Travel back in time to 1996 and experience the power of an underused side deck.

June 2014

Cargo Runs Reshape the Quadrant
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterJune 14th
A Maquis-themed deck featuring our favorite Cargo Runner, Kasidy Yates!

December 2013

Alliance for Global Unity
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterDecember 5th
A Bajoran deck that uses the new card engines from Emissary.

November 2013

Beyond the Final Frontier
by Niall Matthew, Staff WriterNovember 30th
Journey to the Gamma Quadrant and discover the rewards to be had with this Federation/Bajoran article complete with a solver deck.
That's What Jadzia Ended Up Saying
by Michael Moskop, Creative ThinkerNovember 25th
What happens when creativity breeds more creativity?
Freedom is Slavery
by James Cream, Staff WriterNovember 22nd
Black is White, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.
Building Voyager (part 2 of 2)
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterNovember 13th
An in-depth look at the choices behind each card in the Talos-winning deck.
Building Voyager (part 1 of 2)
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterNovember 11th
A look inside the planning of the winning deck for last summer's Talos "affiliation draft".
The Worlds Experience.
by Niall Matthew, Staff WriterNovember 6th
The Sexecutioner describes his World championship debut, everything from deck design to behind the scenes...

July 2013

The Line Must Be Drawn Here!
by Matt Zinno, Guest WriterJuly 15th
Today, tactical expert Matt Zinno walks us through a few different methods for countering battle heavy strategies.
History of the Star Empire in the Mid to Late 2360's
by James Cream, Staff WriterJuly 10th
What makes Romulans able to compete at a major event like a Regional? Today we'll visit the Romulan homeworld to find out.

February 2012

The Path of the Prophets
by James Cream, Staff WriterFebruary 1st
A look at one of the more powerful affiliations in First Edition: the Bajorans. The Prophets are truly with them.

January 2012

Cloaked Achievements
by Rogue Shindler, Achievement MasterJanuary 25th
As we lead up to one year anniversary of achievements, the achievements master reveals hints on how to claim those elusive hidden achievements, and new tools to help.

November 2011

Warp Speed Ahead
by Stephen Lee, Staff WriterNovember 14th
Everyone's in on the First Contact party. A Resistance is Futile spoiler with decklist!

September 2011

Virtual Starter Decks IV: Cardassian/Dominion
by Matt Zinno, Guest WriterSeptember 12th
Fourth (and, for now, last) in a series on Virtual Starter Decks.
My Road to Worlds - Part II - Deck Design
by Jeremy CommandeurSeptember 8th
How the Deck Works - First turn set up, scoring strategy, engines, dilemmas strategy and countering popular decks.
My Road to Worlds - Part I
by Jeremy CommandeurSeptember 7th
The purpose of this article is to chronical my journey to World Champion and to provide some insight and perspective on high level organized play, not to brag or show off. If you don't like it, feel free to complain anonymously on the internet. :-)
Virtual Starter Decks III: Starfleet
by Matt Zinno, Guest WriterSeptember 5th
Third in a series on Virtual Starter Decks.

August 2011

Virtual Starter Decks II: Ferengi
by Matt Zinno, Guest WriterAugust 29th
Second in a series on Virtual Starter Decks
Virtual Starter Decks I: Federation and Romulan
by Matt Zinno, Guest WriterAugust 22nd
With so many Virtual cards being released by the Continuing Committee (including the new Homefront II expansion), it's possible to build all-virtual decks....

June 2011

Warp Speed! A guide to Voyager sealed deck play: for beginners, by a beginner.
by Danny Nuttall, Guest WriterJune 13th
Since December I've taken an awful lot from the community. It's time, therefore, to give something back. A lot of the content of TrekCC and its forum discussions are at quite an advanced level. These articles will hopefully stand apart from others as they are written by a beginner, for beginners.

March 2011

The Alpha and The Omega
by Stephen Lee, Staff WriterMarch 31st
or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Particle 010. A Shades of Gray spoiler with decklist!

February 2011

Ready to Die
by James Cream, Staff WriterFebruary 9th
What do you need to become a Star Trek CCG: First Edition player? Two copies of the Enterprise Collection and a printer should be enough to build this competitive Starfleet deck.

December 2010

Red Shirt This!
by James Cream, Staff WriterDecember 10th
Reg and the B Team take the lead on a dangerous away mission in an all new episode airing this week.

September 2010

Notes on the Multiplayer Team Tournament - Part 2
by Thomas Schneider, European OP CoordinatorSeptember 24th
Take a look at the endless possibilities the Multiplayer Team Tournament has to offer. Part 2: The "friendly" way.
Stop Kirk Contact
by Stuart MarshSeptember 21st
First Edition deck list with strategy piece. With a name like "Stop Kirk Contact," how can you not check it out?

August 2010

Never Pay Retail
by James Cream, Staff WriterAugust 26th
The intent of this article is to introduce the Ferengi affiliation to players who might not have tried them yet, especially newer players. The low price for these cards makes the Ferengi a great place to start in the game.

December 2009

Jolan Tru Article Series: Strategema's Bane
by Austin Chandler, Staff WriterDecember 8th
This is the beginning of a regular article series about card extras, strategy, and deck design. In this article, we discuss dealing with an opponent's Strategema card.

February 2009

Embracing all Spacelines: Guide to Multi-quadrant Deck Design, Part One
by Austin Chandler, Staff WriterFebruary 22nd
Dominion in the Delta Quadrant? Vidiian in the Gamma? Hirogen in the Mirror Universe? If you think this is a bizarre concept, you are absolutely right. However, it can be fun to do and we’ll learn how in this series on multi-quadrant deck designs. Each article in this series will focus on building a deck around this idea and putting it through its paces against popular deck constructs.

January 2009

Deck Building 101 - The Basics, Part 1
by Stephen Lee, Staff WriterJanuary 26th
Start the new year with Deck Building 101 and a deck design!
A Different Kind of Hirogen Deck
by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition DirectorJanuary 13th
Hirogen going back in time to hug a tree and save the whales. Hirogen taking over Empok Nor and Processing Ore. Hirogen solving Earth. Hirogen hanging out with Lore, Dixon Hill, Morn and the Orion Syndicate. Hirogen cashing in some latinum. Hirogen with no Delta Quadrant missions. Do I have your attention? Good. Let's look at a different kind of Hirogen deck.

December 2008

Tough Little Ship
by Stephen Lee, Staff WriterDecember 22nd
No, the Riker boys aren't gushing about the U.S.S. Defiant again. Identity Crisis spoiler and deck design!
The First Couple of Identity Crisis
by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition DirectorDecember 12th
This week's Identity Crisis cards are Leeta and Rom. What makes them special in my mind is that I include Rom and Leeta in almost all of my Bajoran decks and almost every Ferengi deck I build. Few dual-affiliation personnel have such strong utility for both of their affiliations.

November 2008

Garak to the Rescue
by Stephen Lee, Staff WriterNovember 23rd
"...never underestimate my gift for survival." -- Call to Arms. This article contains an Identity Crisis spoiler and a deck design!