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Strategy Articles

July 2022

Beginner Decks
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorJuly 22nd
New or returning to the game? Check here for beginner decks for you and your friends.
Beginner Deck: Bajorans
by Lucas ThompsonJuly 22nd
This is the strategy article for the Bajoran beginner deck.
Beginner Deck: Ferengi
by Lucas ThompsonJuly 22nd
This is the strategy article for the Ferengi beginner deck.
Beginner Deck: Khan
by Lucas ThompsonJuly 22nd
This is the strategy article for the Khan beginner deck.
Beginner Deck: Androids
by Lucas ThompsonJuly 22nd
This is the strategy article for the Android beginner deck.
Duplicates and Infiltrators
by Maggie Geppert, Staff WriterJuly 18th
The Kirk 'droid isn't just for 'droid decks.

October 2021

Beginner Deck: Voyager
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerOctober 15th
This is the strategy article for the Voyager beginner deck.
Beginner Deck: Maquis
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerOctober 15th
This is the strategy article for the Maquis beginner deck.
Taking Care of Delta Klingons: A Decklist
by Benjamin Rostoker, Caretaker Set DesignerOctober 8th
Check out one take on a Delta Klingon deck post-Caretaker
Taking Care of Equinox: A Decklist
by Benjamin Rostoker, Caretaker Set DesignerOctober 8th
Check out one take on a Equinox deck post-Caretaker
Taking Care of Holograms: A Decklist
by Benjamin Rostoker, Caretaker Set DesignerOctober 8th
Check out one take on a Hologram deck post-Caretaker

May 2021

Some UPDATED thoughts on 1E Dilemma strategy
by Mr. SloanMay 27th
UPDATE! Forum user Mr. Sloan gives some ideas on First Edition dilemma strategy.
Challenge Deck: Next Generation Insurrection
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerMay 7th
Let's take a look at the Next Generation Insurrection Challenge Deck.
Challenge Deck: Dominion War Cardassia
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerMay 7th
Let's take a look at the Dominion War Cardassia Challenge Deck.

April 2021

Hall of Fame Challenge Decks
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerApril 23rd
Welcome to the Challenge Decks project!
Challenge Deck: Dominion War Earth
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerApril 23rd
Let's take a look at the Dominion War Earth Challenge Deck.

February 2021

No Recent Decks #3: Secret Mission
by Nathan Miracle, Staff WriterFebruary 6th
Engage cloak!

November 2020

Defending the Federation's Turf
by Maggie Geppert, Staff WriterNovember 11th
Bring the fight to you on AR-558.

October 2020

Make My Deck Better; Megaborg
by Maggie Geppert, Executive OfficerOctober 2nd
I suck at this game. Help me make my decks better.

September 2020

No Recent Decks #2: Quark's Treasure
by Nathan Miracle, Staff WriterSeptember 5th
Find a hidden treasure with Commander Quark!

August 2020

No Recent Decks #1: Parting Shot
by Nathan Miracle, Staff WriterAugust 6th
Take a look at some of the worst cards in the game, starting with Parting Shot!

July 2020

Make My Deck Better; Bassen Rift
by Maggie Geppert, Executive OfficerJuly 31st
I suck at this game. Help me make my decks better. Today's question is Bassen Rift.

February 2020

Beginner Deck: TOS
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorFebruary 21st
This is the strategy article for the Original Series beginner deck.
Beginner Deck: TNG
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorFebruary 21st
This is the strategy article for the Next Generation beginner deck.
Beginner Deck: DS9
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorFebruary 21st
This is the strategy article for the Deep Space Nine beginner deck.
Beginner Deck: Enterprise
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorFebruary 21st
This is the strategy article for the Starfleet beginner deck.
Beginner Deck: Borg
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorFebruary 21st
This is the strategy article for the Borg beginner deck.
Beginner Deck: Klingon
by Maggie Geppert, Executive OfficerFebruary 21st
This is the strategy article for the Klingon beginner deck.
Beginner Deck: Dominon
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorFebruary 21st
This is the strategy article for the Dominion beginner deck.
Beginner Deck: Cardassian
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorFebruary 21st
This is the strategy article for the Cardassian beginner deck.
Dilemma Pile Customization
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorFebruary 21st
This is the first Dilemma Pile Customization article in a series of three.
Dilemma Pile: Teching Against Your Opponent
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorFebruary 21st
This is the second Dilemma Pile Customization article in a series of three.
Dilemma Pile: Making It Work With Your Deck
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorFebruary 21st
This is the third Dilemma Pile Customization article in a series of three.

January 2020

Ferengi Vice
by Cameron Corbett, with Help from DadJanuary 20th
And the student shall surpass the Master...

September 2019

Intimidate, Threaten, Deter
by Fritz Meissner, AmbassadorSeptember 26th
Make your opponents avoid your menacing battle plans to their detriment with Strategic Tug-of-War.

October 2018

Now Recruiting for War Games
by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand ManagerOctober 8th
Looking for awesome people to work on a special project creating pairs of decks ready to go for epic matches against each other.

June 2018

Excelsior Act 2 Preconstructed Decks
by Fritz Meissner, AmbassadorJune 21st
Continentals Excelsior side events are just around the corner! We give you four decks to take along if you don't know the format.

May 2018

The Greatest Hero of the Klingon Empire
by Nathan Miracle, Hall of Warriors TouristMay 23rd
A a tour of the Hall of Warriors and see our greatest warriors!
Catching Up With the Cardassians
by Nathan Miracle, Staff WriterMay 21st
The Cardassian Liberation Front scores a victory over the Dominion!
Rebel With a Cause
by Nathan Miracle, Nostalgic TrekkerMay 18th
Take a walk down memory lane with this new Far Beyond the Stars spoiler!
The Ends Justify the Means
by Michael Shea, Chief AmbassadorMay 17th
Cardassians get a new verb to help in mission completion in Far Beyond the Stars!
Beware Saber Bears on Kang's Summit
by Nathan Miracle, Totally Not a FounderMay 16th
Meet the man who led the Klingon Empire's forces against the Cardassians and the Federation!
The Changing Face of Evil
by Michael Shea, Chief AmbassadorMay 15th
Far Beyond the Stars gives war a chance with two new persona of a familiar villain turned antihero turned villain and his hijacked ship.

March 2018

The Occupation of Bajor
by Michael Shea, Chief AmbassadorMarch 19th
One of the darkest events depicted in the Star Trek universe provides new incentive for a dual headquarters build.
Captive Pursuits
by Michael Shea, Ambassador and DesignerMarch 12th
Keevan: I only have one further question for you. Is there a doctor in your unit? Garak: Yes. Nog: Garak! Keevan: Don't be too hard on him, young man. He just saved your life. Take them to a secure area. Third, I have a mission for you. I want you to find the Starfleet unit. But do not engage them. Locate them, assess their strength, and then report back to me. Remata’Klan: I understand. Keevan: No, you don't. But that's all right. It's not important that you understand, only that you carry out my instructions precisely. Remata’Klan: Obedience brings victory. Keevan: Yes. Yes, it does. Go

December 2017

The Never Ending Sacrifice
by Michael Shea, AmbassadorDecember 9th
Cardassians are masters of sacrificing something now to get what they want later. This Second Edition deck highlights the merits of sacrifice.

October 2017

There is a New Power Rising!
by Michael Shea, PrefectOctober 19th
"I've been waiting for this moment for five years."
Cry Havoc!
by Michael Shea, DesignerOctober 9th
“One day the Klingon Empire will fall before the Jem'Hadar. And when that day comes, and piles of Klingons lie dead at my feet, I will think of you standing here impotent and weak, and I will laugh.”

July 2017

Affiliation Survey for Excelsior v0.3
by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior LeadJuly 3rd
What affiliations would you like to see added to the Excelsior pool? Let us know!

June 2017

Excelsior v0.2 Playtest - Starter Decks Now Available
by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior LeadJune 30th
Need an idea of how to get started in Excelsior? Today we're bringing you four different decks to try for the public playtest in two weeks at North American Continentals.
The Darkness Drops Again
by Matt Kirk, Second Edition Creative ManagerJune 1st
Romulan interference gets some vital tools to slow down an opponent.

May 2017

A Gaze Blank and Pitiless As the Sun
by Maggie Geppert, QueenMay 31st
Zero Hour features two cards to help make your Borg more massive and persistent than ever.
Mere Anarchy
by Matt Kirk, Second Edition Creative ManagerMay 30th
The Maquis are looking to expand their territory beyond the Demilitarized Zone.

September 2016

The Trouble With Tribbles
by Nathan Miracle, DesignerSeptember 7th
The troublesome thing about tribbles, is tribbles are troublesome things!

November 2015

The Manchurian Deck
by Nathan Miracle, Assistant DesignerNovember 13th
"Assassins don't like varying their methods." -Odo, Improbable Cause
Facelift: Old Ship, New Tricks
by Fritz Meissner, Staff WriterNovember 12th
Fritz mixes metaphors and the flavour of last expansion into today's Face of the Enemy spoilers.
A Glorious Mission
by Ben Hosp, 2E Game DesignerNovember 10th
When I was a boy, initiating combat at a headquarters was just a beautiful dream, but now it's Science Fact!
The High Cost of Living
by Ross Fertel, High Cost Staff WriterNovember 9th
Face of the Enemy offers new ways to play with your expensive toys. Deanna's mom bring some stuff over to play with.
Gimme More Dumb
by Ross Fertel, Smart WriterNovember 3rd
Dumb Waiter opens up new possibilities for the most smartest of players.

June 2015

Ready... Fight!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJune 29th
Learn a little bit about the origin of the Tsunkatse cards and how they all finally came together.

April 2015

New Deep Space 9 Virtual Starter
by Torbjörn Lindquist, AmbassadorApril 10th
With the release of Strange Bedfellows comes a new virtual starter. My initial thought when looking through the card list was to make a Dominion starter with the new Dominion HQ. But I then realized that the new headquarter is not at all starter friendly, so I with Deep Space 9 instead, since they got so many new personnel.
The Die is Cast
by Mike OShogay, Staff WriterApril 2nd
The Gamma Quadrant has a lot of opportunities for a lowly scientist in the intelligence business.

December 2014

Paranoid Jeopardy
by Jonathan Engel, Guest WriterDecember 12th
Sometimes to get the right answers you have to ask the right questions.

November 2014

Suder's Rage
by Mike O'Shogay, Staff WriterNovember 30th
Today Mike O. analyzes Brad Daurif's contributions to the Voyager and Equinox deck types.
Split Second
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanNovember 20th
"What do you call that shot?"
Declan Keogh... Didn't Even Know He Had a First Name
by Mike O'Shogay, Staff WriterNovember 18th
Today's Second Edition spoiler reveals a new commander/ship pair for the 10th Anniversary Collection. Let's see what deck Mike O. built for them.

September 2014

Dominating The Alpha Quadrant
by Nicholas Yankovec, Dominion DorkSeptember 8th
How do some of the new cards impact on the Omarion Nebula?
I Must Not Fear - Fear is the Mind-Killer
by Tyler Fultz, Balance of Terror Assistant DesignerSeptember 5th
ES9 and Paranoia
The Effect of the Dominion War on Earth
by Mike O'Shogay, Staff WriterSeptember 4th
Today, Mike O. guides us through an Earth Space Nine build using the brand new Balance of Terror tech.

July 2014

Thunder Road: Racing in the Street
by Mike O'Shogay, Staff WriterJuly 22nd
Today Mike O. time travels back to the very first Second Edition meta, a time when there were only 415 cards from which to customize a deck. A simpler time and perhaps a better one.

May 2014

Thunder Road: Spirit in the Night
by Mike O'Shogay, Staff WriterMay 21st
Today, Mike O. is inspired to build a whole new deck from Return to Grace cards.

February 2014

Thunder Road: Glory Days
by Mike O'Shogay, Staff WriterFebruary 24th
Take a trip back to the good old days with Mike O. as he looks at what things were like right when Decipher concluded the game but before the Continuing Committee took over with Virtual cards.

December 2013

Thunder Road: The Promised Land
by Mike O'Shogay, Staff WriterDecember 12th
In today's deck design article, Mike O. decides to invest in the future of Ferenginar.

August 2013

Thunder Road: Dancing in the Dark
by Mike O'Shogay, Staff WriterAugust 6th
In today's deck design article, Mike O. offers up a taste of forbidden fruit: a Dual HQ Deck.

June 2013

Thunder Road: Born to Run
by Mike O'Shogay, Staff WriterJune 25th
Today we get to find out what Mike O. brought to the Iowa regional, and even more importantly; how to play it.

March 2013

Thunder Road: Growing Up
by Mike O'Shogay, Guest WriterMarch 26th
Today, in an all new episode of Thunder Road, Mike O takes us back to a big event with a big finish.

February 2013

Thunder Road: Blinded by the Light
by Mike O'Shogay, Freelance WriterFebruary 8th
shag08's Blog series Thunder Road moves to the front page with this article featuring the Romulan Dissident deck type.

January 2012

Cloaked Achievements
by Rogue Shindler, Achievement MasterJanuary 25th
As we lead up to one year anniversary of achievements, the achievements master reveals hints on how to claim those elusive hidden achievements, and new tools to help.

July 2011

She's Back!
by Johannes Klarhauser, AmbassadorJuly 22nd
Sela has returned from her holiday trip to Cardassia...

March 2011

Contender or a Pretender? World Championship Deck-Building Strategies
by Nathan W, Staff WriterMarch 29th
With regional season quickly approaching, it's time to time to come up with that championship-caliber deck. But how do you know if it's a contender or a pretender? Look here for answers from the game's top players on deck-building practices.

September 2010

Notes on the Multiplayer Team Tournament - Part 2
by Thomas Schneider, European OP CoordinatorSeptember 24th
Take a look at the endless possibilities the Multiplayer Team Tournament has to offer. Part 2: The "friendly" way.
Notes on the Multiplayer Team Tournament - Part 1
by Christian ZipperSeptember 22nd
Take a look at the endless possibilities the Multiplayer Team Tournament has to offer. Part 1: The "unfriendly" way.
"Death... is Only the Beginning..."
by Kris Sonsteby, Staff WriterSeptember 6th
Assimilation, a fate worse than capture or death, has long been a strategy shrouded in mystery and speculation; it is often feared, but very seldom faced. Now that Peak Performance has arrived, that all could change.

April 2010

A Holo(deck)
by Peter H. Møller, HoloaddictApril 27th
"I awaken into this world fully programmed, yet completely innocent, unaware of the hardships I will endure or the great potential I will one day fulfill."

March 2010

Burn the Turn
by Nathan W, Staff WriterMarch 18th
Give Tragic Turn a Sun Tzu-inspired Judo Chop
Cardassia Takes Command
by Kenny NguyenMarch 16th
The Central Command has inspired a resurgence in the popularity of Cardassian decks. Read all about one such deck.
Outside the Cube
by Kevin Jaeger, Creative ConsultantMarch 4th
Whenever you feel like you are getting bored playing the "same old, same old" or you just don't want to play Tier 1, I suggest giving yourself a mandate to do something atypical. Think outside the cube.

February 2010

Five Fever, Front Line Winner
by Nathan W, Staff WriterFebruary 26th
"They're greedy, misogynistic, untrustworthy, little trolls, and I wouldn't turn my back on one of them for a second."
"Neither would I. But once you accept that, you'll find they can be a lot of fun."

December 2009

Forging The Empire: A Starfleet Battle Deck
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanDecember 28th
Imagine a fleet of NX class starships imposing the will of humanity across the galaxy...
Rule of Acquisition #52
by Kevin Jaeger, Creative ConsultantDecember 21st
The past Ferengi that appeared in the Enterprise episode "Acquisition" were definitely followers of the 52nd Rule of Acquisition - "Never ask when you can take." By working together, they can take "the direct approach.
Allegiance: A New Archer
by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff WriterDecember 18th
An Alien/Human/Ikaaran personnel completes the Starfleet team in Allegiance. Is she worth playing?
Allegiance: Kirk and His Enterprise
by James Hoskin, Staff WriterDecember 11th
Completing the week of text spoilers from the 1979 film Star Trek: The Motion Picture, here is a picture (without the actual pictures) of the Admiral and his ship. Then, an idea for a deck to make use of the whole Motion Picture team from Allegiance.
"If I Were Federation Commander..." Part II
by Kevin Jaeger, Creative ConsultantDecember 1st
In Part I of this article, you were teased with hints of a new O'Brien, you got to see a great new Quark, you found out that there -- sadly -- isn't a new Jadzia, and together, we got the first part of the deck built before coming "Under Siege." In Part II, we will finish the deck, see the rest of Team DS9, and throw down a Gauntlet.

November 2009

"If I Were Federation Commander..." Part I
by Kevin Jaeger, Creative ConsultantNovember 30th
If you are someone who desperately wishes the Deep Space 9 faction had more competitive deck designs, then you need to read this two-part 'article with decklist' piece. If you just want more information on "Allegiance", you should read this article. If you are looking to save money on car insurance, get lost. Brad's opinion notwithstanding, this is a great article. :)
Allegiance: Anything to Get Home
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanNovember 27th
Check out the rest of the Equinox crew, and see how they work in action.

August 2009

Naomi's Fabulous Temporal Voyager Deck
by James Hoskin, Staff WriterAugust 10th
Take the new Naomi Wildman. Mix in a pile of Temporal events. The result? You've got yourself a fresh new Voyager deck. Fabulous!
Federation Point Shenanigans
by James Hoskin, Staff WriterAugust 5th
With six new cards released today, let's see if we can use Jenna D'Sora, Nella Daren and Rayna Kapec together in a deck.
Neela and the Battling Assassins
by James Hoskin, Staff WriterAugust 4th
This Side of Paradise introduces a second Bajoran assassin. Now you, too, can build a Bajoran assassin deck.

July 2009

Alynna Nechayev (Adamant Admiral)
by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff WriterJuly 31st
If she wants it done right, she'll have to do it herself.
Top 5 and the Not Quite Top 5 Decks
by Kevin Jaeger, Players' RepresentativeJuly 14th
With only a month left to go, reigning World Champion Kevin Jaeger discusses the Top 5 decks that could make YOU the next world champion...and the Top 5 decks that while good, probably will NOT make you the next world champion.

May 2009

Minnesota Regional Report
by Kevin Jaeger, Players' RepresentativeMay 1st
Kevin Jaeger gives you a blow-by-blow account of his weekend at the Minnesota Regional. You've already been hearing about it; here are the gory details.

April 2009

Favor the Caretaker's Array
by James "RedDwarf" Hoskin, Staff WriterApril 17th
Most decks aim to complete three missions to win a game. This Voyager deck is designed to complete Caretaker's Array four times, but that still is not enough to win the game. Good times...

February 2009

by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanFebruary 27th
Explore the Delta Quadrant with the Klingon Empire, in this deck inspired by Raise the Stakes.
The Romulan Art of War
by Michael van Breemen, Freelance WriterFebruary 9th
The clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy's will to be imposed on him. - Sun Tzu

October 2008

Federation Surprise - Essen '08
by James "RedDwarf" Hoskin, Staff WriterOctober 8th
Mr G. Costanza of New York City found success when he did the opposite of what his instincts told him. You could win a Getting Under Your Skin foil if you try his technique.
Patrol Bonus Zone - Essen 08
by Kevin Jaeger, Staff WriterOctober 1st
Plan on attending Essen? Need an idea for a deck that could win you a Getting Under Your Skin foil? Have I got a neat deck idea for you!

September 2008

A Bolian and a Borg Walk Into a Bar
by Michael van Breemen, Freelance WriterSeptember 25th
Have only four different people in a deck, encounter zero dilemmas and complete three missions in one turn. Intrigued? Read on.

August 2008

Reyga, Part 2: Revolutions
by Kevin Jaeger, Staff WriterAugust 5th
I know Kung Fu.

June 2008

Temporal Incursions are Forever
by Kevin Jaeger, Staff WriterJune 23rd

April 2008

In For a Trim
by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff WriterApril 8th
Have you ever wondered where Sisko got his hair cut between Deep Space Nine seasons three and four? Johannes Klarhauser has a theory...

March 2008

Maquis: The Kings of Disruption
by James "RedDwarf" Hoskin, Staff WriterMarch 27th
The Code of Conduct prescribes a Level 2 (Turn Loss) penalty for any "...behaviour that is disruptive to a player...", so shouldn't this apply to anybody playing a Maquis deck?
From Bajor with Love
by Kevin Jaeger, Staff WriterMarch 24th

February 2008

Rogue Borg Ambush
by James "RedDwarf" Hoskin, Staff WriterFebruary 29th
You're happily going about your own business when all of a sudden some Rogue Borg drop out of nowhere and win the game. Talk about an ambush!
The Long Journey...Away?
by Kevin Jaeger, Staff WriterFebruary 11th
All it takes is one new card to take a strategy from "nearly impossible to pull off" to "user friendly." Kevin Jaeger follows in Johannes Klarhauser's footsteps and talks about another uncommon that opens the door to...

January 2008

Genesis of a Deck
by James "RedDwarf" Hoskin, Staff WriterJanuary 29th
So, you're looking at the new expansion and a couple of cards catch your attention. Just how do you go about turning that evil glint in your eye into a full-on deck? In this article, you'll get to see the thought processes that go into the genesis of a deck.
Watch the Wheel, Not the Girl!
by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff WriterJanuary 16th
An inconspicuous uncommon from What You Leave Behind allows us to have a Ferengi family reunion aboard Deep Space Nine. Time for Johannes Klarhauser to revisit one of his favourite cards.
...It's What You Commandeer
by Kevin Jaeger, Staff WriterJanuary 3rd
What You Leave Behind contains a dozen new missions. Kevin Jaeger takes a look at his new favorite mission and argues that maybe it's not what you leave behind?