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February 2011

Extreme Measures is Here!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanFebruary 4th
Take your decks to the extreme with the fifty-four new virtual cards in Extreme Measures, available now!

January 2011

The Bajoran (Equinox) Resistance Team
by Charlie Plaine, Extreme Measures Assistant DesignerJanuary 31st
Learn about the new Bajoran Resistance team, and find out how a trio of mild-mannered (uncreative) designers were inspired by (ripped off) the Equinox to make a team unlike any other (that isn't really a team, strictly speaking.)
"Kirk to Deep Space 9: Beam me up"
by Kevin Jaeger, Creative ConsultantJanuary 28th
James T. Kirk in a single headquarters Deep Space 9 deck? Richard Galen? Spock!? Madness! What's next? An Earth personnel that could get you up to 12 counters in free DS9 people for 5 points?...oh...
Inequitable Exchange
by James Hoskin, (Peak Performance) Assistant DesignerJanuary 27th
Thirteen months in the making.
Last Chance - Order Your Extreme Measures Release Kits!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJanuary 27th
The last day to order your Extreme Measures release kits is Saturday, January 30th, 2011 - so don't wait any longer!
Falsify Distress Signal
by Brad DeFruiter, Extreme Measures Lead DesignerJanuary 26th
Read Brad's take on one of the most talked about cards in Extreme Measures.
Green With Envy
by Nathan W, Staff WriterJanuary 25th
Two new Romulan cards in Extreme Measures may be just what the Tal Shiar ordered.
A Rich Tradition......of pure unadulterated Greed!
by Kevin Jaeger, Staff WriterJanuary 24th
It figures...in a set featuring a theme of five points there Ferengi wouldnt settle for that and well, they want more.
Extreme Measures - Release Kits After All!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJanuary 19th
We listened to your disappointment when we announced there would be no Extreme Measures release kit - and changed our mind! Now make sure to requisition your release kit, available for a limited time!
Extreme Measures: A Stranger In Town
by Conno Hendriksen, Make it So Runner UpJanuary 18th
Find out what card was designed by Conno Hendriksen (a.k.a WeyounsLastClone) as his reward for being a Make it So runner up!
Extreme Measures Is Imminent!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJanuary 17th
Extreme Measures, the next Second Edition virtual expansion, is coming on Friday, February 4th, 2011.
Extreme Measures: Queen to Queen's Level 3
by Nathan Miracle, Make it So Runner UpJanuary 14th
Find out what card was designed by Nathan Miracle (a.k.a GooeyChewie) as his reward for being a Make it So runner up!
What Brad Would See: Extreme Measures Edition
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJanuary 10th
If Brad were to take a look at the final version of Extreme Measures, what would he see?