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December 2014

Paranoid Jeopardy
by Jonathan Engel, Guest WriterDecember 12th
Sometimes to get the right answers you have to ask the right questions.
Sito Jaxa
by Pat Bortz, Guest WriterDecember 10th
Today's card shows us the benefit of having a Bajoran officer on the Federation Flagship.
Jean-Lucoid's Rolodex #2486
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorDecember 8th
Jean-Lucoid's Rolodex #2486
The Name of the Game
by Kevin Jaeger, Staff WriterDecember 6th
A tradition continues.
Historical Curiosity
by Nathan Miracle, Second Edition DesignerDecember 4th
Abraham Lincoln is Space? Sign me up!
Jean-Lucoid's Rolodex #2485
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorDecember 2nd
Jean-Lucoid's Rolodex #2485

November 2014

Suder's Rage
by Mike O'Shogay, Staff WriterNovember 30th
Today Mike O. analyzes Brad Daurif's contributions to the Voyager and Equinox deck types.
Friendly Fire
by Pat Bortz, Guest WriterNovember 28th
What would go well with the Decipher draft set, Dangerous Missions?
20th Anniversary Collection Available Now
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanNovember 28th
Celebrate twenty years of the Star Trek Customizable Card Games with today's release of The 20th Anniversary Collection!
by Nathan Miracle, Second Edition DesignerNovember 24th
A Voyager icon on a new template.
The Battle of Watling Street
by Kevin Jaeger, Staff WriterNovember 22nd
You can outnumber your opponent 40-1 and still lose when the one is technologically and strategically superior.
Split Second
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanNovember 20th
"What do you call that shot?"
Declan Keogh... Didn't Even Know He Had a First Name
by Mike O'Shogay, Staff WriterNovember 18th
Today's Second Edition spoiler reveals a new commander/ship pair for the 10th Anniversary Collection. Let's see what deck Mike O. built for them.
Varon-T Disruptor
by John Corbett, Second Edition Card DesignerNovember 16th
The next card in the 20th Anniversary set is Varon-T Disruptor. It's designer, John Corbett, drops in to give us an inside look.
Ruling Brittania!
by Nicholas Yankovec, Second Edition Brand ManagerNovember 14th
A rambling article on today's latest spoiler from the XXth Anniversary set.
Reuniting the Band: Valjean
by Nathan Miracle, Second Edition DesignerNovember 12th
What key card was missing from Second Edition's second set? Join Nathan as we discuss a character who was always there but often overlooked.
20 Years of Memories
by Charlie Plaine, 20th Anniversary Collection Lead DesignerNovember 10th
Celebrate twenty years of Star Trek CCG with the 20th Anniversary Collection for both First Edition and Second Edition, releasing November 28th!