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December 2008

Quark, Son of Keldar
by David Runyon, Staff WriterDecember 29th
Quark, linked in holy matri-money? With his blushing bride, Quark Son of Keldar is half of the most powerful married couple in the game.
I Hate Stefan DeSeve
by David Runyon, Staff WriterDecember 29th
I have always hated Stefan DeSeve. So what is he good for?
Tough Little Ship
by Stephen Lee, Staff WriterDecember 22nd
No, the Riker boys aren't gushing about the U.S.S. Defiant again. Identity Crisis spoiler and deck design!
Tacking Into the Wind
by Stephen Lee, Staff WriterDecember 22nd
You stole my battleship! Identity Crisis spoiler.
The First Couple of Identity Crisis
by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition DirectorDecember 12th
This week's Identity Crisis cards are Leeta and Rom. What makes them special in my mind is that I include Rom and Leeta in almost all of my Bajoran decks and almost every Ferengi deck I build. Few dual-affiliation personnel have such strong utility for both of their affiliations.
The Emissary: Not Just for Bajorans Anymore
by David Runyon, Staff WriterDecember 1st
Your favorite Creole-cooking Starfleet Captain also doubles as your favorite Bajoran religious figure.
Kira, Kira, Kira
by David Runyon, Staff WriterDecember 1st
With so many versions of Kira available (this and one other from First Edition, not including The Intendant; and ten backwards-compatible versions in Second Edition, including one virtual card), why should you pick this one?

November 2008

Romulans Gone Rogue
by Adam Warpinski, Staff WriterNovember 24th
Romulans... they are green and sneaky. But what happens when, like chameleons, they change they color?
Garak to the Rescue
by Stephen Lee, Staff WriterNovember 23rd
"...never underestimate my gift for survival." -- Call to Arms. This article contains an Identity Crisis spoiler and a deck design!
The Captivating Ilon Tandro
by Stephen Lee, Staff WriterNovember 23rd
A captivating personality goes a long way for any dignitary, even a fictional one from the Star Trek universe. Identity Crisis spoiler!
The Power of Purple - Part II
by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition DirectorNovember 12th
Long before the Vidiians and Hirogen got their spiffy super outposts, there was another...
The Power of Purple - Part I
by Jeremy Commandeur, First Edition DirectorNovember 12th
Overseer Odo rocks. Once upon a time, the Alliance did, too (back when they still had cloaking devices). Take a second look at this week's first Identity Crisis card.
Data and Picard: Android, Captain, Civilians, Spies
by David Runyon, Staff WriterNovember 8th
Need a Romulan version of Jadzia Dax? Need a Civilian Android with more than one skill? Need a good reason to wear a burlap robe to a Star Trek convention? Look no further than Data and Picard.
Major Rakal: Empaths in Disguise
by David Runyon, Staff WriterNovember 8th
Major Rakal: Not just a surgically-altered-to-look-Romulan half-Betazoid, half-human empath anymore.
Identity Crisis!
by Seth Claybrook, Lead First Edition Graphic Design VolunteerNovember 8th
First Edition gets its first virtual expansion! The cards are not new (no gameplay changes), but they do have a whole new look.