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August 2009

Paradise Has Arrived!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanAugust 14th
Enhance your game with the latest virtual expansion from The Continuing Committee.
Sao Paulo
by Kevin Jaeger, Players' RepresentativeAugust 11th
She's got some pretty big shoes to fill.
Naomi's Fabulous Temporal Voyager Deck
by James Hoskin, Staff WriterAugust 10th
Take the new Naomi Wildman. Mix in a pile of Temporal events. The result? You've got yourself a fresh new Voyager deck. Fabulous!
The Captain's "Guest"
by Darren Lacoste, Editor in ChiefAugust 10th
Being a starship Captain does have its rewards...
Federation Point Shenanigans
by James Hoskin, Staff WriterAugust 5th
With six new cards released today, let's see if we can use Jenna D'Sora, Nella Daren and Rayna Kapec together in a deck.
Design Log: Good or Bad? Why Not Both?
by Chris Lobban, Assistant DesignerAugust 4th
How a new card is inspired by not one or two, but three different themes...
Neela and the Battling Assassins
by James Hoskin, Staff WriterAugust 4th
This Side of Paradise introduces a second Bajoran assassin. Now you, too, can build a Bajoran assassin deck.
A Q Scorned
by Kevin Jaeger, Players' RepresentativeAugust 3rd
A mortal woman hath no fury...

July 2009

Alynna Nechayev (Adamant Admiral)
by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff WriterJuly 31st
If she wants it done right, she'll have to do it herself.
Her Name Is Mudd
by Richard New, Assistant DesignerJuly 30th
How can the Venus Drug help your deck?
Design Log: Watching a Daughter Grow Up
by Chris Lobban, Assistant DesignerJuly 29th
It's not often you get to watch your daughter grow up in just a few months...
Lending a Hand
by Kevin Jaeger, Players' RepresentativeJuly 28th
What do you do when two of your buddies are about to get in a nasty bar fight in west river South Dakota? You lend a hand of course!
Deal With the Count Man
by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff WriterJuly 28th
Ezri goes locking out the key personnel.
This Side of Paradise Release Events
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJuly 27th
The Continuing Committee invites you to celebrate the release of This Side of Paradise with a release weekend tournament that offers special prizes!
Leeta and M'Pella
by Kevin Jaeger, Players' RepresentativeJuly 24th
Seduction or Devotion? If you were forced to choose between a woman so devoted she would die at your command or one who could seduce the collar off a priest, who would you choose? Well, you wont have to.
Polywater Intoxication
by Kevin Jaeger, Players' RepresentativeJuly 20th
...and a lot of it.
Track Survivors
by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff WriterJuly 15th
Hey, at least it had Bonnie from 'Knight Rider' in it.
Kalenna (Sentry)
by James "RedDwarf" Hoskin, Staff WriterJuly 8th
After an eleven-week break without writing an article, James Hoskin is back with a spoiler from the new expansion - This Side of Paradise.

June 2009

This Side of Paradise Brings You a Warm Welcome!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJune 29th
Check out the first official spoiler from August's This Side of Paradise: Warm Welcome!
How Well Will You Handle the Wild Side?
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJune 26th
Get a special sneak peek from the fourth Second Edition virtual expansion, This Side of Paradise, this weekend at either the Australian or North American Continental Championships.