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December 2018

Shattered Mirror Treasures
by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand ManagerDecember 14th
Find out amazing behind the scenes bits from the latest Second Edition Set. In the humble opinion of your Brand Manager, at any rate.
Where Kahless Leads, Shattered Mirror Follows
by Charlie Plaine, Shattered Mirror DesignerDecember 7th
CIVILIANs aren't really a thing in Second Edition, but Klingons without staffing icons have been peppered throughout the game. On release day for Shattered Mirror, take a look at a Klingon civilian deck in this article.
On Second Thought: Smuggling a Card In
by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand ManagerDecember 5th
One card in Shattered Mirror needed some 'encouragement' from an unexpected source.
Creative Work: Kortar
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorDecember 3rd
Let's take a look at the story behind Kortar.

November 2018

Bomb's Away!
by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand ManagerNovember 30th
Learn about the latest addition to the Second Edition Design lexicon.
Arresting Display
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorNovember 28th
Let's take a look at the design process behind Arresting Display.
Shattered Mirror Coming This Winter
by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand ManagerNovember 26th
A Thirty-Six Card Expansion fro Second Edition releases Firday, December 7.
What's a Girl Gotta Do to Get to the Mirror Universe?
by Maggie Geppert, Mirror Vice ChairmanNovember 23rd
Cross over to the Mirror Universe with me.