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November 2009

New Icons for First Edition
by Seth ClaybrookNovember 9th
New icons on First Edition cards? Here is a quick briefing on these latest additions to the game.
Benjamin Sisko - Traumatized by the Borg
by Austin Chandler, Staff WriterNovember 2nd
We all remember the Next Generation episode where Locutus stole our hearts, probably the most evil thing ever done to a Star Trek character. That episode inspired the background for Benjamin Sisko. It's fitting that this persona is in the XV set alongside the persona of Picard just rescued from the collective.

October 2009

I.K.C. Qam-Chee - Fat Chancellor's Sleigh
by Austin Chandler, Staff WriterOctober 30th
Do we really need another Klingon Vor'cha Ship? Some of you might think that we do. I'd feel the same if I was told there was a new Romulan D'deridex coming out. However, this is a Chancellor's Warship and it's totally tricked out.
K'mpec: The Fat Chancellor
by Austin Chandler, Staff WriterOctober 28th
K'mpec from the Premiere set turned out to be pretty decent to use 'til now. He's a Chancellor, valid for Assign Mission Specialists, and generally a good two-skill personnel. In the XV Set, he gets the full treatment to make him worthy of any Klingon Deck.
Captain Kirk and His True Love
by Austin Chandler, Staff WriterOctober 27th
What would Captain Kirk be without the Starship Enterprise? It's like peanut butter without the jelly, or cream cheese without bagels. So how could this article be complete without reviewing both of these new virtual cards?
15th Anniversary Collection: Chain of Command
by Seth Claybrook, First Edition Graphic DesignerOctober 23rd
Chain of Command is the first set of brand new virtual cards for First Edition. Each card features artwork that extends beyond the image box. Read on to find out clues about the forthcoming cards...
Kathryn Janeway, Before She Got Lost
by Austin Chandler, Staff WriterOctober 23rd
Everyone remembers that first episode of Voyager. Now you can relive it again by playing the Captain Janeway based on that episode.
Shinzon: The Picard That Became a Reman
by Austin Chandler, Staff WriterOctober 22nd
First Edition gets Shinzon as part of The Continuing Committee's XV Set entitled "Chain of Command." This card will change the way you build your Romulan Deck. Amazing what a poor little rejected clone of a Federation Captain was able to do.
The Scimitar: The Reman Answer to Every Other Ship
by Austin Chandler, Staff WriterOctober 22nd
Flagship of the General Shinzon who led the Reman forces. You'll want this ship to lead your forces as well once you see what it can do for your deck.
15th Anniversary Release Kits Now Available
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanOctober 19th
Tournament directors that have run at least one sanctioned tournament may purchase the release kit for The 15th Anniversary Collection.
The 15th Anniversary Collection
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanOctober 16th
The 15th Anniversary Collection arrives on Friday, November 6, 2009.

September 2009

Last Chance to Decide the Things Past!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanSeptember 26th
Just four polls left for you to help decide which cards will appear in Things Past!