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October 2020

A Private Little War Is Tournament Legal
by Ross Fertel, Private WriterOctober 23rd
The latest First Edition Set came out last Friday, is tournament legal today though will probably begin appearing in games tomorrow.
A Private Little War Now Available
by Charlie Plaine, Director of First EditionOctober 16th
A Private Little War is now available for free and immediate download. Enjoy the new cards!
The Original Linguist
by Paddy Tye, First Edition Creative ManagerOctober 1st
nuqDaq yuch Dapol?

September 2020

Your Will Be Done
by Charlie Plaine, Director of First EditionSeptember 28th
Last year, the Will of the Collective gave us Yarnek and Examine Morality. But you also gave the design team for A Private Little War some ideas...
A Private Little Tirade
by Ross Fertel, Ranting MadSeptember 26th
We asked Ross to do a puzzle for the next set. He submitted a multi paragraph diatribe about ... several topics. Yeah, we'll need to talk with him.
A Private Little War
by Charlie Plaine, Director of First EditionSeptember 25th
The Continuing Committee is proud to announce A Private Little War, featuring sixty-three (63) new First Edition virtual cards, coming on October 16th, 2020.
A Private Little War Release Kits Now Available
by Dan Hamman, Warehouse ManagerSeptember 25th
Celebrate the arrival of Original Series Klingons with a release kit for A Private Little War, now available but in limited quantities.