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January 2021

Be Our Guest
by Ross Fertel, Food EaterJanuary 15th
Shore Leave is tournament legal. Share it with your opponent and I will share with you a favorite family recipe of mine. Note: recipe not from my family.
Cooking with Neelix: Meat the Chef
by Neelix, RotisseurJanuary 8th
Get ready to taste some sort of dish he's made by dipping his pinky in it and offering it to you; it's Quark's turn to cook with fire.
Shore Leave Release Day
by Ross Fertel, Taking FiveJanuary 8th
Shore leave releases today.  Rush to your Read more while you are printing off the latest set from Second Edition.
Cooking with Neelix: Today is a Good Day to Dine
by Neelix, PatissierJanuary 3rd
The Klingon Chef running the self-described "most popular restaurant on DS9" is ready to send you off to bed with a full stomach.
A Gift for Star Trek: The Motion Picture Fans
by Michael Shea, DesignerJanuary 2nd
Today's card recalls what might have been were it not for a tragic bit of pattern loss...
A Romulan's Appreciation for the Finer Things
by Michael Shea, DesignerJanuary 1st
Today's card gives us a patriot, a lover, and perhaps even a gourmand all in one.

December 2020

Cooking with Neelix: Drop me a Beet
by Neelix, Vegetable Morale OfficerDecember 31st
The Sisko men try to instill in their children the values that led them down their particular path, but there is only one aspect of their teachings that ever truly stuck.
Be Careful What You Ask For
by Michael Shea, DesignerDecember 30th
You May Get It
Cooking with Neelix: Not for the (Plo)meek
by Neelix, SaucierDecember 29th
Riker plays the role of one of the most important Starfleet personnel of all time: a chef.
A Swedish Holiday Gift
by Maggie Geppert, Staff WriterDecember 28th
No, it's not Malört.
Cooking with Neelix: Who Knew Spock Was a Foodie?
by Neelix, MixologistDecember 27th
Spock appears in green for the second time in the game, and this time it seems to be about the mess fare.
If Krampus Had a Ship
by Michael Shea, DesignerDecember 26th
Today's card from Shore Leave explores a little of the darker side of the holiday season.
Shore Leave
by Charlie Plaine, Shore Leave DesignerDecember 24th
Shore Leave, a twenty-five (25) card, Winter holiday-themed virtual expansion, is releasing on Friday, January 8th, 2021.