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January 2011

Infinite Diversity #3: For the Cause!
by Chris Lobban, Chief ProgrammerJanuary 21st
The next set of Infinite Diversity draft packs is now here!

December 2010

Vote for your new Diversity flavour
by Chris Lobban, Chief ProgrammerDecember 10th
Voting is now open for your new flavour of Infinite Diversity
More Diversity...
by Chris Lobban, Chief ProgrammerDecember 3rd
Time for another new Infinite Diversity theme pack.

June 2010

You Wanted War? We'll Give You War!
by Chris Lobban, Chief ProgrammerJune 1st
Your votes are in, and the next Infinite Diversity Draft option is now available!

May 2010

Making Infinite Diversity More Diverse Part 2
by Chris Lobban, Chief ProgrammerMay 17th
This is your chance to decide the future of Infinite Diversity.
Making Infinite Diversity More Diverse
by Chris Lobban, Chief ProgrammerMay 10th
Infinite Diversity is infinitely diverse on many levels. Let's explore just one more, shall we?

April 2010

A Holo(deck)
by Peter H. Møller, HoloaddictApril 27th
"I awaken into this world fully programmed, yet completely innocent, unaware of the hardships I will endure or the great potential I will one day fulfill."
Infinite Diversity Pre-release and Release Weekend Events
by James Hoskin, Director of Organized PlayApril 23rd
If you want to know where you can get your hands on an alternate-image Olarra promo to celebrate the release of Infinite Diversity, read on.
Explore IDIC With Infinite Diversity!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanApril 23rd
Download your copy of Infinite Diversity today!
The Clown: Go Away
by Johannes Klarhauser, Knight of the Round TableApril 19th
"I told him we've already got one."
by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff WriterApril 16th
Hold still, this won't hurt.
The Rules of the Draft
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanApril 15th
Find out exactly how the Infinite Diversity draft works!
Dilemma Diversity
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanApril 14th
Find out how the new dilemmas in Infinite Diversity will bring new opportunities to your next dilemma pile!
Transport Crash Survivor
by Johannes Klarhauser, Staff WriterApril 13th
Please hold the line while we change the meta.
Diversify Your Personnel Portfolio
by Nathan W, Staff WriterApril 12th
Take personnel diversity to infinity...and beyond!
Infinite Diversity Arrives April 23rd
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanApril 9th
Take your game to all new places as you explore what Infinite Diversity has to offer!