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September 2020

Return to Talos IV and Farpoint Point Standings
by Brian Sykes, Shameless PromoterSeptember 3rd
With several events still remaining this year, it's not to late to get in on the action - and the prizes!

July 2020

Pick the Next 2E Tournament Promos
by Charlie Plaine, Interim Director of Second EditionJuly 21st
Help the Department of Second Edition decide cards for the next set of tournament promos!

January 2020

Star Trek CCG Returns to Talos IV and Farpoint in 2020
by Brian Sykes, Unofficial TrekCC HistorianJanuary 1st
Kickin' it Old School in 2020.

March 2019

2019 Q1 Raffle Bins Close TODAY!
by Dan Hamman, Raffle MasterMarch 31st
The bins for the first raffle of 2019, covering January through March, close today. Get your tickets in now for your chance to claim prizes!
2019 Q1 Raffle Bins Close March 31st!
by Dan Hamman, Raffle MasterMarch 24th
The bins for the first quarter raffle of 2019 are closing in one week, on March 31st. Act quickly to make sure you can have a chance at prizes!

January 2019

Burns Night and 2E Goings on This Weekend
by Ross Fertel, Director of Second EditionJanuary 25th
Today is Burns Night, honoring the iconic Scottish poet Robert Burns, who wrote the New Year’s Eve anthem Auld Lang Syne. There are also some Second Edition related things to do this weekend.
Second Edition Goings on this Week(end)
by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand ManagerJanuary 18th
Wondering what to do this Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend? Wonder no longer!
Second Edition Goings on this Week(end)
by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand ManagerJanuary 12th
You've got hours of freedom coming your way. Here are some ways you can occupy a few of those minutes.

June 2018

Excelsior Act II Cardpool Updated in Deckbuilder
by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior LeadJune 2nd
The next evolution of the Excelsior format is now live in trekcc.org's Deckbuilder!

February 2018

Excelsior Season 1, Act I: Midpoint
by the Excelsior Development TeamFebruary 19th
The Excelsior Campaign is halfway through its first act - how has your favorite affiliation fared thus far?

December 2017

Project Excelsior Launches!
by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior LeadDecember 18th
The new tournament format Excelsior and its v1.0 cardpool have been released! The accompanying rules sheet, card list, and Deckbuilder filters are also available.
Excelsior Season 1, Act I: Prologue
by the Excelsior Development TeamDecember 14th
The first in a series of storyline articles describing the events happening in the Excelsior Campaign, beginning in 2018. Find out how the stage is being set for the debut of the new format, and help write the next chapter by participating in Excelsior Campaign events starting soon!

November 2017

Preparing for Launch - Project Excelsior
by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior LeadNovember 30th
As we conclude playtesting of the new limited format, Project Excelsior prepares to make its debut as as officially sanctioned option for 2E tournament directors! Learn about the new format and its development in this article.

September 2017

Excelsior v0.3 Is Live!
by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior LeadSeptember 1st
The latest version of the rules and cardpool for the proposed Excelsior format are now available for download.

August 2017

The Spotlight Series is Making a Come-back!
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanAugust 13th
There’s a lot of stuff happening at the Continuing Committee right now. One project is the reboot of the Spotlight Series.

July 2017

Affiliation Survey for Excelsior v0.3
by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior LeadJuly 3rd
What affiliations would you like to see added to the Excelsior pool? Let us know!

June 2017

Excelsior v0.2 Playtest - Starter Decks Now Available
by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior LeadJune 30th
Need an idea of how to get started in Excelsior? Today we're bringing you four different decks to try for the public playtest in two weeks at North American Continentals.
The Great Experiment
by Matt Kirk, Project Excelsior LeadJune 12th
Help us chart the course of Project Excelsior, as we playtest a new streamlined format with a rotating card pool.

April 2017

First Quarter Raffle 2017
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerApril 5th
This Saturday is the 2017 Q1 Raffle. Bins are open - get your tickets in now!

July 2014

2014 Second Quarter Raffle
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerJuly 8th
The Continuing Committee 2014 Second Quarter Raffle will be on Saturday, July 12th at 10am Pacific Time.

March 2014

Raffle Reminder!
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerMarch 25th
The 2014 Q1 Raffle will be April 6th 2014 at 6pm Pacific. Bins are closed on March 31st.

January 2014

Raffle Reminder!
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerJanuary 9th
The Raffle is Saturday!

December 2013

Raffle Bins Closing!
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerDecember 23rd
Reminder: Raffle bins are closed as of December 31st.

September 2013

Raffle Bins Closing!
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerSeptember 18th
The bins for the Third Quarterly Raffle will close 2013-09-30. Get your tickets in before the 30th!

August 2013

Third Quarter Raffle Bins Open
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerAugust 11th
Head to the promenade and deposit your tickets for the 2013 Q3 Raffle.

March 2013

First Quarterly 2013 Raffle Approaches!
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerMarch 26th
Our first raffle of 2013 is approaching; make sure to add your tickets to the bins before Sunday, March 31st!

January 2013

Virtual Raffle Tickets are Go!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJanuary 9th
The Continuing Committee is relaunching or raffle program with more frequent raffles, virtual tickets, and more. Find out all the details!

November 2012

Chairman's Challenge Raffle Winners!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanNovember 4th
Find out who won the five (5) sets of Worlds promos from this year's Chairman's Challenge Raffle!

October 2012

2012 Raffle
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerOctober 21st
Info for the next Ferengi Credit Exchange - The prize list going up, and the event will provide details for the Raffle going forward.

April 2011

Chairman's Challenge Winners!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanApril 20th
Better late than never!

November 2010

Last Weekend For the PAQ & the Academy!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanNovember 30th
This week and weekend is your last chance to play in one of the Global Chairman's Challenge events!

October 2010

The NEW Global Challenges
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanOctober 25th
November 2010 brings you two chances to participate in and win a Chairman's Challenge, one for each edition!

August 2010

Mona Luvsitt Shipping Delay
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerAugust 30th
Your Mona Luvsitt cards will be coming... just not quite yet.

July 2010

We Need Your Help!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJuly 5th
The Continuing Committee needs your help - find out how, and find out how to get a special promo card months ahead of anyone else!

April 2010

TCC's Raffle Coming May 29th
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerApril 30th
Have you been wondering what those little raffle tickets in your tournament kits will get you? Find out all of the details about our upcoming raffle!
Star Trek CCG NOT Acquired by Triathan Games
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanApril 1st
The Continuing Committee is proud to announce the finalization of a four-party deal to transfer Star Trek CCGs' rights to Triathan Games. (Happy April Fool's Day!)

December 2009

Chase the Can to Iraq
by Tyler Fultz, Officer-In-Charge of Forward Deployed Trek OperationsDecember 8th
While you're playing Trek this Holiday season, why not do some good, too?

October 2009

Project Gratitude
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanOctober 14th
November brings us the 15th Anniversary of the Star Trek CCG. Help us express our thanks to those that brought us together and showed us how to expand our power in the universe.

April 2009

The Darklings Triumph
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanApril 17th
How well did the Darkling decks do in the Global Chairman's Challenge?
Get Your Darkling Decks In!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanApril 2nd
Did you play a Darkling deck in March? Time to get it submitted!

March 2009

The Global Challenge
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanMarch 1st
The fifth Chairman's Challenge is open to all players of both editions all over the world!

April 2008

The Spotlight Series
by Charles Plaine, ChairmanApril 13th
This week kicks off one of our most anticipated projects, and what we hope will be one of our biggest events: The 2008 Spotlight Series.
Starter Deck Drive – Bajor
by Matt Kirk, Director of Organized PlayApril 9th
Card listings for Project Transwarp's Bajoran deck.
Starter Deck Drive Contest Ends Friday!
by Matt Kirk, Director of Organized PlayApril 8th
Get your pictures of collected cards in soon!
GalaxyQuest Introduced As Newest Affiliation
by Matt Kirk, Director of Organized PlayApril 1st
Captain Taggart and his crew join the Second Edition fold.

March 2008

Starter Deck Drive Contest
by Matt Kirk, Director of Organized PlayMarch 27th
Judges are directed to collect cards for the upcoming Faction Weeks!
Got a Burning Question? Join the CC for a Live Chat!
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanMarch 20th
Join us tomorrow, Thursday, March 27th, 2008, at 7 PM server time, in our chat room for a live chat with The Continuing Committee.

January 2008

Message Board Match-Up
by Darren Lacoste, Director of Public RelationsJanuary 25th
Join James Hoskin, Johannes Klarhauser, and Kevin Jaeger in a live match on our message boards!