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May 2018

So, I'm a New/Old First Edition Player, Voyager Edition
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanMay 29th
In this series, the Vice Chairman is attempts to re-learn First Edition after a 15 year hiatus. This time she analyzes James Heaney’s “Caretaker (Or: James's First D.Q. Adventure)” deck.
Design Spotlight: First Edition Voyager
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanMay 28th
Take a look at the Delta Quadrant Federation in the return of the First Edition Design Spotlight!
Welcome to Voyager Week
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanMay 27th
It's Voyager Week! Are you ready for Cat Suits?

June 2008

Spotlight On: Voyager
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJune 8th
Join the crew of the penultimate series as the Spotlight Series continues on!