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June 2021

Trekquester Round 9
by Ross Fertel, Not the LoneliestJune 18th
For the second round in a row, we'll give the highest vote getter a reprieve. Find out which card got eliminated with a single vote.
Dogs of War and Heroes and Demons Release Kits!
by Brian S, Director of OperationsJune 18th
Celebrate the release of Dogs of War and Heroes and Demons with release kits!
Trekquester Round 8
by Ross Fertel, The Loneliest WriterJune 16th
This round will be similar to limbo in that we will see how low you can go.
Trekquester Round 7
by Ross Fertel, Forgotten by HistoryJune 14th
Do you know much about biology? A Science Book? The French I took? Find out about a Sequester favorite: History Can't Repeat.
Trekquester Round 6
by Ross Fertel, Staff WriterJune 12th
Did just one card escape votes this time? How many cards got immunity after getting a vote last time? Which cards are immune this round?
Trekquester Round 5
by Ross Fertel, Vote for me!June 10th
Every vote this round does something, to the point where if things go a certain way, we could finish a bit early. Find out more.
Trekquester Round 4
by Ross Fertel, Information ExplosionJune 8th
As a result of the last round, information is revealed! Do with this information what you will as we head into the fourth round of Trekquester.
Trekquester Round 3
by Ross Fertel, Knowingly UnknownJune 5th
We have a tie! Also this round can get you some valuable information, depending on how things work out.
Board of Directors Meeting This Sunday
by Charlie Plaine, Director of First EditionJune 4th
The CC's Board of Directors will be meeting this Sunday, June 6th, at 10 AM Pacific.
Trekquester Round 2
by Ross Fertel, EditionedJune 3rd
After round one, a card is voted out giving immunity to the rest of the cards from that game. Which one was voted out? Which cards are immune? Find out here!
Trekquester Round 1
by Ross Fertel, One of a KindJune 1st
Trekqeuester voting for round one is open! At least one card will have immunity going into round 2 based on your votes. Find out how inside!
2021 Regional Kits Are Now Available
by Maggie Geppert, Promo AssemblerJune 1st
Thank you for your patience.

May 2021

Announcing the cast of Trekquester
by Ross Fertel, Cast in SteelMay 28th
Thanks to valiant efforts of the community, the sixteen cards for Trekquester heve been chosen!
Some UPDATED thoughts on 1E Dilemma strategy
by Mr. SloanMay 27th
UPDATE! Forum user Mr. Sloan gives some ideas on First Edition dilemma strategy.
The Future of Design
by Ross Fertel, Designed To BeMay 24th
Take a look at what the Second Edition Design Team has planned for the rest of 2021, 2022 ... and even beyond!
Now casting for Trekquester
by Ross Fertel, Contested but not SequesteredMay 18th
A new contest will start soon where you can earn glorious borderless promos. Find out how you can impact some of the contents.
Board of Directors Meeting Sunday, June 6th
by Charlie Plaine, Staff WriterMay 17th
The next meeting of the Board of Directors will take place on Sunday, June 6th at 1 PM EST.
Be the Hero
by Ross Fertel, PantheonMay 14th
Heroes and Demons, the latest set from the Continuing Committee is tournament legal as of this moment! Take a deep dive into some of the possibilities with one of the themes.
Challenge Deck: Next Generation Insurrection
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerMay 7th
Let's take a look at the Next Generation Insurrection Challenge Deck.
Challenge Deck: Dominion War Cardassia
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerMay 7th
Let's take a look at the Dominion War Cardassia Challenge Deck.
The Unscrambled Message
by Richard New, Design ManagerMay 7th
Data analysts have decoded the missing information from the garbled transmission from the Briar Patch.
Heroes and Demons Release
by Ross Fertel, Demonic Hero or Heroic DemonMay 7th
Heroes and Demons, the latest Second Edition Set is released today. Let's take a look at the final set of spoilers.
Hidden Agendas
by Maggie Geppert, Staff WriterMay 6th
Cardassian capture decks get a light boost from Heroes and Demons.
May 2021 Balance Team Update
by Benjamin Liebich, 2E Balance Team LeadMay 3rd
18 Cards receive errata today!
The Moral Choice
by Michael Shea, DesignerMay 2nd
Today's cards put in stark contrast the struggle between good and evil that is at the heart of Heroes and Demons.

April 2021

Interference from the Briar Patch
by Richard New, Design ManagerApril 30th
Help unscramble a message detected at Starfleet Command relayed from a Klingon outpost near Klach D'kel Brakt.
For I Am A Pirate King
by Nathan Miracle, Staff WriterApril 29th
Hurrah for the Pirate King!
Never Too Much Andreas Katsulas
by Michael Shea, DesignerApril 27th
Among today's revealed cards is a new version of an old adversary.
Need some discount Bat'leths?
by Ross Fertel, Not a Klingon Smuggler (Wink, Wink)April 26th
Is Gagh too expensive now a days? Is you families' crest not as revered as it once was? Come here and I may be able to help.
... And Now, a Word about the Demons
by Michael Shea, DesignerApril 25th
With today's cards from Heroes and Demons, we get our first detailed look at the Son'a.
The Aggrieved Ferengi
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerApril 24th
Let's take a look at the new card, Rule of Acquisition #45!
Hall of Fame Challenge Decks
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerApril 23rd
Welcome to the Challenge Decks project!
Challenge Deck: Dominion War Earth
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerApril 23rd
Let's take a look at the Dominion War Earth Challenge Deck.
Heroes and Demons... But First the Heroes
by Richard New, 2E Design ManagerApril 23rd
Introducing the fifty-fifth expansion for Star Trek: The Customizable Card Game, Second Edition.
Achievement Anniversary Feats Delayed
by Rogue Shindler, Achievements MasterApril 12th
With an extension to accommodate.
Special Promos for 2021
by Maggie Geppert, Fool for PromosApril 1st
New specialty promos will arrive in tournament kits soon.

March 2021

Board of Directors Meeting Sunday, April
by Charlie Plaine, Chair of the BoardMarch 28th
The next meeting of The Continuing Committee's Board of Directors is Sunday, April 11th at 9 AM Pacific.
Welcome to Worlds 2021 in Chicago
by Kris Sonsteby, Director of Organized PlayMarch 28th
The Road to Worlds concludes in Chicago, IL!
Dogs of War Video Preview!
by Daniel Matteson, Writing Team ManagerMarch 20th
Kevin Jaeger hosts a video preview show for Dogs of War!
Organized Play Guide Updates
by Kris Sonsteby, Director of Organized PlayMarch 20th
Check out the updates to the Organized Play Guide, just in time for Regional season!
March 2021 Printable Promo Update
by Charlie Plaine, Director of First EditionMarch 1st
We bring you the first printable promo update of 2021 today, with eighteen (18) cards made newly printable. We also have news about future printable promo updates, and winners of the borderless promo giveaway!
New Tournament Promos Series Q (1E) and XXI (2E)
by Charlie Plaine, Promo ManagerMarch 1st
Check out the new Series Q promos for First Edition, and the Series XXI promos for Second Edition, the latter of which was picked by you! These will be available for requisition later this month.
Achievement Anniversary Feats
by Rogue Shindler, Achievements MasterMarch 1st
How many ways will you celebrate?

February 2021

Second Edition Balance Team announced
by Scott Baughman, Staff Writer; Tjark Ott, Second Edition DirectorFebruary 28th
Setting course for the future...Second Edition announces a change to the way errata is handled.
The Department of Second Edition increases support for the Hall of Fame Format
by Tjark Ott, Second Edition Director and Scott Baughman, Communications DirectorFebruary 17th
Now in its fifth year, this community-driven format is expanding the players' power in the 2e universe.
2021 Regional Championships - Apply Within
by Kris Sonsteby, Director of Organized PlayFebruary 16th
Apply to host a Regional Championship today!
2020 Period of Review Results
by Maggie Geppert, Staff WriterFebruary 10th
Thank you to everyone who voted. All seven Directors are retained.
No Recent Decks #3: Secret Mission
by Nathan Miracle, Staff WriterFebruary 6th
Engage cloak!
2019 Mechanic Survey
by Ross Fertel, Seeking FeedbackFebruary 3rd
Let us know what you think of the mechanics in Second Edition sets from 2019.
Happy Achieversary!
by Rogue Shindler, Achievements MasterFebruary 3rd
To celebrate TEN YEARS of Star Trek CCG achievements with the Continuing Committee, Project Garnet goes live TODAY!
New and Printable Promo Update Delayed (Again)
by Charlie Plaine, Director of First EditionFebruary 1st
Oops. We had planned to update new and printable promos today, but unfortunately need to delay it again. You can now expect them on Monday, March 1st. We have something fun for you to help make up for it.
Voting for the Period of Review Has Begun
by Maggie Geppert, Executive OfficerFebruary 1st
The questions have been answered and voting is now open. Cast your ballot by February 8th.

January 2021

The 2020 Period of Review Broadcast
by Maggie Geppert, Executive OfficerJanuary 28th
It's happening Saturday, January 30th at 1:00 pm EST.
Celebrating Ten Years of Your Achievements
by Rogue Shindler, Achievements MasterJanuary 27th
TCC Achievements are turning 10! We're celebrating with...more achievements!
In Memorium, Marc Phillips
by Mike Gillespie, durgforadayJanuary 27th
The Continuing Committees mourns the passing of a fellow player from Alabama.
Interim Second Edition XOs announced
by Scott Baughman, Staff WriterJanuary 19th
Julius Melhardt is stepping back as XO for 2E.
Be Our Guest
by Ross Fertel, Food EaterJanuary 15th
Shore Leave is tournament legal. Share it with your opponent and I will share with you a favorite family recipe of mine. Note: recipe not from my family.
Cooking with Neelix: Meat the Chef
by Neelix, RotisseurJanuary 8th
Get ready to taste some sort of dish he's made by dipping his pinky in it and offering it to you; it's Quark's turn to cook with fire.
Shore Leave Release Day
by Ross Fertel, Taking FiveJanuary 8th
Shore leave releases today.  Rush to your Read more while you are printing off the latest set from Second Edition.
The 2020 Period of Review is Under Way
by Maggie Geppert, Executive OfficerJanuary 5th
Let us know how we did in 2020.
New and Printable Promo Update Delayed
by Charlie Plaine, Director of First EditionJanuary 4th
New and printable promos will be updated on Monday, February 1st.
Cooking with Neelix: Today is a Good Day to Dine
by Neelix, PatissierJanuary 3rd
The Klingon Chef running the self-described "most popular restaurant on DS9" is ready to send you off to bed with a full stomach.
A Gift for Star Trek: The Motion Picture Fans
by Michael Shea, DesignerJanuary 2nd
Today's card recalls what might have been were it not for a tragic bit of pattern loss...
A Romulan's Appreciation for the Finer Things
by Michael Shea, DesignerJanuary 1st
Today's card gives us a patriot, a lover, and perhaps even a gourmand all in one.
A New Year's Surprise from Second Edition
by Michael Shea, Second Edition Art ManagerJanuary 1st
You may have noticed something new...