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September 2016

A Threat That Must Be Answered
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorSeptember 30th
Behind the scenes of Shinzon, Devious Tactician.
We Have Engaged the Borg
by Matthew Zinno, Staff WriterSeptember 30th
The Borg have come to Earth. And the Enterprise-E crew fights back.
Generosity Not Withstanding
by James Cream, Staff WriterSeptember 29th
A deck built around helping others out and winning the event.
by Matt Kirk, Star Trek 50: Second Edition Design TeamSeptember 28th
"Logic is the beginning of wisdom... not the end."
I Spit My Last Breath at Thee!
by Khan, Inappropriate Inserter of EelsSeptember 28th
Whose side will you take? Do you have the wits to conquer this very special mission for First Edition?
Giving An Issue of Trust a Hard Time
by Lucas Thompson, NerdSeptember 27th
Two birds with one stone.
You Can't Be Afraid of the Wind
by Mark, Staff WriterSeptember 26th
"On this site, a powerful engine will be built. An engine that will someday help us to travel a hundred times faster than we can today. Imagine it - thousands of inhabited planets at our fingertips... and we'll be able to explore those strange new worlds, and seek out new life and new civilizations. This engine will let us go boldly... where no man has gone before."
Ross Fertel is the new Second Edition Brand Manager
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanSeptember 26th
Ross Fertel (Faithful Reader) has taken on the responsibilities of the Second Edition Brand Manager. There will be a public request for comment period prior to official appointment.
World Championship Trek Leagues Return!
by Charlie Plaine, Acting Director of Organized PlaySeptember 25th
The 2016-2017 season of league play is just around the corner!
Evasive Maneuvers
by Matthew Zinno, A Compartment of TribblesSeptember 24th
A new Tongo power joins Tribbles: Evade
Mutual Annihilation
by Matt Kirk, Star Trek 50: Second Edition Design TeamSeptember 23rd
A new commander for the U.S.S. Defiant takes her to the limit for the 50th anniversary.
A Card To Capture Your Attention
by Allen Gould, Staff WriterSeptember 22nd
.. and your personnel.
Knew She Was Trouble!
by Ross Fertel, Content WriterSeptember 21st
Get to know one of the sneakier personnel from Star Trek 50 and how to keep her cost off the Books.
The Task Force Cliffhanger
by Paddy Tye, Drinking with Morn in the BarSeptember 20th
What if I told you that there was a deck type to represent the Federation and Klingon Alliance from Deep Space 9?
2017 World Championship Dates
by Daniel Matteson, Tournament DirectorSeptember 20th
When will you be planning your next trip to Florida? Worlds dates are here!
Branching Out
by Matt Kirk, Star Trek 50: Second Edition Design TeamSeptember 19th
The Enterprise-A comes home to TOS for its golden anniversary, but not quite in the way you might expect.
Trek Masters - San Diego
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanSeptember 18th
Trek Masters returns to San Diego over Veteran's Day Weekend, November 11 - 13.
Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Off to the Mines We Go
by Paddy Tye, Fearless Canary Down TpitSeptember 17th
To the mines ya brutes!
Announcing Star Trek 50: Three New Virtual Expansions
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanSeptember 16th
Star Trek just had it's 50th birthday, and to celebrate, we have created three brand new, boutique expansions for all of you! One for First Edition, one for Second Edition and one for Tribbles, all under the mantle "Star Trek 50."
On the Origin of Species
by Ross Fertel, Human WriterSeptember 15th
Get a behind the scenes at two of the newest species and the potential impact one of them will have on the game going forward
North American Tournament Schedule for 2017
by Michael Van Breemen, North American OP CoordinatorSeptember 15th
So, what do you want to do next year? May I offer some suggestions?
Future Volume of Cards – a Poll
by Maggie Geppert, Vice ChairmanSeptember 14th
The Continuing Committee is considering making a change in the number of cards it will produce in the future. We wanted to get feedback from the community on this proposed change before we consider implementing it. So what is this change?
2016 Global Side Event Winners
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanSeptember 14th
Congrats to our nineteen (19) winners, who will be receiving several of this year's World Championship Picard promos!
Now Hiring: Proofreading Manager
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanSeptember 12th
The Continuing Committee is looking for a volunteer to take charge of our proofreading team.
Hard Time Now Available
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanSeptember 9th
Hard Time is now available for immediate download, absolutely FREE!
The Road to Worlds: Worlds
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorSeptember 8th
Let's take a look at winning decks from Peter Ludwig and Michael Van Breemen!
Star Trek 50
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanSeptember 8th
Celebrate a half-century of Star Trek on its 50th Birthday!
The Trouble With Tribbles
by Nathan Miracle, DesignerSeptember 7th
The troublesome thing about tribbles, is tribbles are troublesome things!
Cards of Two Worlds
by Ross Fertel, Not Insignificant WriterSeptember 6th
Find out about what the star Power in Hard Time can bring to your decks and how their versatility makes them even more useful.
Every Day I’m Smugglin’
by Jeremy Benedict, Design InternSeptember 5th
Take a look at what just snuck into the system.
KISS: Keep it Simple, and add Star Power
by Charlie Plaine, Hard Time Co-Lead DesignerSeptember 2nd
Simple is usually better, but when you combine simple with star power, you get something special.
A Middling Puzzle
by Ross Fertel, Conflicted WriterSeptember 1st
Put in a bit of thinking time and get a spoiler for the upcoming Second Edition set.

August 2016

Brin, Cultish Master
by James Cream, Staff WriterAugust 31st
We all just want something for free.
Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
by Ross Fertel, Relative WriterAugust 30th
Learn about how something familiar gets to shine in the sun in the latest Second Edition Expansion and get tips on earning a particular achievement.
Welcome to Hard Time
by Richard New, Lead Designer and Nathan Miracle, Assistant DesignerAugust 29th
Richard New introduces the newest Second Edition expansion, Hard Time.
Hard Time Release Kits
by Dan Hamman, Shipping ManagerAugust 29th
Pick up one of the limited edition release kits for Hard Time, featuring an alternate image promo of Disaster!
Second Edition Erratum
by Charlie Plaine, Acting Second Edition Brand ManagerAugust 29th
A single card, Historical Research, has been errated to use the new mission naming scheme.
FINALIZED - 2017 World Championship
by Sean O’Reilly, Tournament DirectorAugust 25th
Announcement: All Decks Acknowledge: The World Championships Return to North America in 2017.
Worlds 2016
by Nicholas Yankovec, Worlds OrganiserAugust 22nd
More information and things to remember!
The Road to Worlds: GenCon Masters
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorAugust 11th
Let's take a look at winning decks from Edwin Latrell and Phil Schrader!
Project Chandelier – Pre-release Tournament at Worlds in London
by Paddy Tye, Secret Squirrel and Keeper of “special things”August 9th
Yet another reason that you really need to get those tickets to London...
August Errata
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanAugust 8th
Six cards receive errata in today's update. Also, all previous errata should now appear in the master file.

July 2016

A Statement From the Continuing Committee
by Charlie Plaine & Maggie Geppert, Continuing Committee Chair & Vice-ChairJuly 29th
A statement from the Chair and Vice Chair of the Continuing Committee about an organized play issue.
The Road to Worlds: European Continentals
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorJuly 29th
Let's take a look at winning decks from Stefan de Walf and Stefan Slaby!
by Ross Fertel, Forever Changing WriterJuly 27th
Spend some time, but not too much time, looking at changes that may or may not be made to all three games.
2016 Worlds Promos & Global Side Event Challenge
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJuly 25th
Find how you can earn a chance to win a 2016 World Championship Promo (revealed inside) even if you couldn't make the trek to London!
Project Awaken
by Tyler Fultz, Project LeadJuly 21st
Read the results of 2E's Project Awaken and lend your voice to Second Edition's future!
Thank You for Your Contribution
by Brian Sykes, Head ModeratorJuly 15th
Brian Sykes explains the new Community Contributor badge and announces two new recipients.
The Road to Worlds: Australian Continentals
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorJuly 14th
Let's take a look at winning decks from Matthew Ting!
Announcing: US Nationals 2016
by Derrick Marsh, US Nationals DirectorJuly 13th
Come to Lexington, KY for this year's Nationals Championship events!
The Quietest GenCon Ever
by Michael Van Breemen, North American OP CoordinatorJuly 11th
We are going to be at GenCon...
The Road to Worlds: Regionals Wrap-Up, First Edition
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorJuly 8th
Let's take a look at all the Regional-winning First Edition decks.
The Road to Worlds: Regionals Wrap-Up, Second Edition (and Dilemma Popularity)
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorJuly 8th
Let's take a look at all the Second Edition Regional winners! Also, dilemma popularity!
The Road to Worlds: Regionals Week 13
by Lucas Thompson, AmbassadorJuly 7th
Let's take a look at winning decks from Paddy Tye, Kenneth Tufts, and Lucas Thompson!
Printable Card Update - July 2016
by Charlie Plaine, ChairmanJuly 4th
A dozen new alternate-image promos are now available for printing in today's printable card update.