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December 2020

Cooking with Neelix: Drop me a Beet
by Neelix, Vegetable Morale OfficerDecember 31st
The Sisko men try to instill in their children the values that led them down their particular path, but there is only one aspect of their teachings that ever truly stuck.
Be Careful What You Ask For
by Michael Shea, DesignerDecember 30th
You May Get It
Cooking with Neelix: Not for the (Plo)meek
by Neelix, SaucierDecember 29th
Riker plays the role of one of the most important Starfleet personnel of all time: a chef.
A Swedish Holiday Gift
by Maggie Geppert, Staff WriterDecember 28th
No, it's not Malört.
Cooking with Neelix: Who Knew Spock Was a Foodie?
by Neelix, MixologistDecember 27th
Spock appears in green for the second time in the game, and this time it seems to be about the mess fare.
If Krampus Had a Ship
by Michael Shea, DesignerDecember 26th
Today's card from Shore Leave explores a little of the darker side of the holiday season.
Shore Leave
by Charlie Plaine, Shore Leave DesignerDecember 24th
Shore Leave, a twenty-five (25) card, Winter holiday-themed virtual expansion, is releasing on Friday, January 8th, 2021.
Raffle Incoming!
by Dan Hamman, Staff WriterDecember 23rd
The Raffle is this Sunday - get your tickets in the bins
A Very Second Edition Christmas
by Tjark Ott, Second Edition DirectorDecember 15th
With Christmas around the corner and the current year is drawing to close it’s time for a brief review of this year and preview of what the coming year will bring for Second Edition.
Introducing the Second Edition Art Team
by Michael Shea, Second Edition Art ManagerDecember 13th
Art responsibilities for First Edition and Second edition will no longer be combined, but will be separated between the two editions. Here is your new Second edition Art Team.
Staffing Update (2E)
by Tjark Ott, Director of Second EditionDecember 8th
There are changes to the staff in the Department of Second Edition.
1E Austrian National 2020 - ONLINE Dec 19th
by Julius Melhardt, Staff WriterDecember 8th
Austrian National goes ONLINE
Two Second Edition Errata Today
by Stefan Slaby, Second Edition Errata ManagerDecember 7th
Two Second Edition cards receive errata today, effective immediately.
Staffing Update
by Scott Baughman, Staff WriterDecember 2nd
Announcing several personnel changes for the CC.

November 2020

Apocalyptic Treasures
by Ross Fertel, Treasured WriterNovember 20th
Apocalypse Rising is tournament legal today. Click above to find out some behind the scenes stories!
2E Emergency Errata - Playing by the Rules
by Stefan Slaby, Second Edition Errata ManagerNovember 17th
One Second Edition card is receiving errata effectively immediately.
Apocalypse Rising Release!
by Ross Fertel, HorsemanNovember 13th
The latest set is available for immediate download! Infiltrate the Empire, subjugate a planet or hold down the fort!
Apocalypse Rising Release Kits Now Available
by Dan Hamman, Warehouse ManagerNovember 13th
Celebrate the second expansion in the Interaction Cycle with a release kit for Apocalypse Rising, now available but in limited quantities.
Rule #4.06 § A ¶ 4
by Richard New, Design MemberNovember 12th
The latest in a relatively short line of Rituals adds something that the game sorely needs.
The Organized Play Team is Searching for Volunteers
by Kris Sonsteby, Director of Organized PlayNovember 11th
Interested in becoming the Australian OP Coordinator or the Online OP Coordinator?
Defending the Federation's Turf
by Maggie Geppert, Staff WriterNovember 11th
Bring the fight to you on AR-558.
What Does AR-558 Mean to You?
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerNovember 9th
Let's take a look at the thought process behind Quark (Frontline Obeserver)!
Finally, Another Kira
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerNovember 7th
Let's take a look at the design process behind Kira Nerys, Fifth Columnist.
Cardassians Subjugated
by Michael Shea, GulNovember 6th
A story that began with Star Trek 50 in 2016 now continues in Apocalypse Rising.
These Things Happen
by Lucas Thompson, DesignerNovember 4th
These things happen to other people. They don't happen at all, in fact.
The Battle of Betazed
by Daniel Matteson, Writing Team ManagerNovember 2nd
You remember this episode, right? Right?

October 2020

The Backbone of the Dominion
by Michael Shea, Staff WriterOctober 31st
"Negotiations with the Dominion can be a very dangerous thing. The Dominion decides that you have something that they want, and then they come and take it - by negotiation or by force."
Apocalypse Now Rising
by Charlie Plaine, Project Manager for Apocalypse RisingOctober 30th
Apocalypse Rising, a new Second Edition expansion featuring twenty-seven (27) new cards, is coming on Friday, November 13th. Will you join The Dominion, or oppose them?
The Changing Face of Evil
by Nathan Miracle, Design DirectorOctober 30th
The Dominion welcomes all species into the Dominion - so long as all glory goes to the Founders.
4 Dark Horse All Our Yesterdays Cards that Merit your Attention
by Brian Sykes, Meta AnalystOctober 28th
These cards may not be the flashiest, or the sexiest, but they bring some meta-altering potential and open the doors for new or revived deck types.
Harbinger Peptide Cake with Mint Frosting
by Triumph, Second Edition Creative ManagerOctober 27th
Due to all of the temporal interference around All Our Yesterdays, one of our articles was lost! Fortunately, it's turned up again, so we're happy to publish it now for all of you to see.
Public Design intro for 2E!
by Scott Baughman, Staff WriterOctober 20th
Second Edition is boldly going in the direction of Public Card Design...find out more in this intro video!
Message from the Admiralty
by Scott Baughman, Staff WriterOctober 14th
The latest updates from Tjark Ott, 2E Director
The Return of World Championship Trek!
by Kris Sonsteby, Staff WriterOctober 4th
Our next WTC season starts now. Read on for further details.
Make My Deck Better; Megaborg
by Maggie Geppert, Executive OfficerOctober 2nd
I suck at this game. Help me make my decks better.