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Justin Ford Has Been Selected for Chief Financial Officer

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

24th February 2017

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that Justin Ford has been selected to fill the post of Chief Financial Officer. Justin’s tenure will begin with a one month probationary period, during which the public will have a chance to weigh in on his selection. After that, his position will be permanent.

Why Was Justin Selected?

Justin is a personal banker, so has experience in the world of finance. In his previous work life, he was a manager at a restaurant, so is used to budgeting, bookkeeping, and dealing with vendors. In addition to these skills, Justin also has experience dealing with tax issues surrounding 501.3(c) tax-exempt organizations. Justin is an Eagle Scout and does all the taxes for his scout troop. Finally, Justin is one of our most dedicated players and has a respectable enthusiasm for the position.

What Hesitations Did You Have in Offering Justin This Position?

The selection subcommittee was mostly concerned with the optics of offering yet another high-level TrekCC position to someone on the west coast of the United States. However, we decided that Justin’s dedication to and enthusiasm for the position outweighed those concerns.

What Will He Be Doing First?

Justin’s first task is to present a report to the community on the Continuing Committee’s finances. Once the initial big report is done, then the CC will expect regular reports released to the public. After that, Justin’s major task will be to turn the Continuing Committee into an independent legal entity.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Following best practices in financial transparency, an independent audit committee will also be formed to oversee the work of the Chief Financial Officer. Brian Sykes has agreed to head this independent committee. As this committee will not be within the structure of the Coninuing Committee, Brian will continue to function as Head Moderator. Brian and Justin will work together to determine an appropriate process and timeline for auditing the CC's accounts.

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