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Project Zidane

by Daniel Matteson, Social Media Manager

2nd April 2017

Ever since I accepted the Social Media Manager position in 2015, I've been faithful to keep players and fans of the Star Trek CCG well informed on on the Continuing Committee's Twitter page as well as routinely engaged on our Facebook page. I link articles to keep people posted on important announcements, I try to stay up to date on major tournament coverage, and (possibly my favorite part of the job) I get to show off card spoilers from upcoming expansions.


However, one aspect of the position in which I have been sorely lacking has been the upkeep of the TrekCC YouTube channel. Our channel is currently being used as a public receptacle for occasional Committee events such as the Period of Review shows and the raffle drawings. We've also included playlists for other Star Trek CCG related YouTube shows (most notably Section 31). However, we haven't had much else in the way of original content, and this is something our community has been requesting for some time.


My major goal as Social Media Manager for the first half of 2017 is the overhaul of the Continuing Committee YouTube channel, breathing new life with new original content and frequent updates that will keep our players and fans coming back to see what's going on in the world of Star Trek CCG. Since our design teams like to use fancy codenames to discuss their upcoming projects, I've been calling this idea Project Zidane.


My intention is to populate the YouTube channel with a variety of both regular and semi-regular programming covering a variety of subjects. As you may know, we already have one weekly series, Section 31 with Dan Hamman and Rogue Shindler. Soon there will be a second regular series, as I'll be returning to video as co-host of a new show, still in development, alongside Continuing Committee chairman Charlie Plaine.


Unfortunately, I can't create and produce a full channel's worth of content for our community alone as it's a serious time commitment. This is where you might come in. We're looking for serious volunteers that are willing to commit to producing regular or semi-regular content for the TrekCC YouTube channel. Any content is welcome as long as it relates to the Star Trek CCG, but here are a few examples of content we're looking for:

* how to play/game tutorial videos
* live game footage and commentary
* organized play coverage
* card/set reviews
* interview or guest host format

If you are interested in contributing to this project in any form, please don't hesitate to contact me via PM (OKCoyote on the forums). If you're willing to produce videos for the channel, the Committee will work with creators to meet channel standards and expectations. Conversely, if you're able to assist with editing or other aspects of video production, your efforts would still be welcomed -- we're working as a team here.


I look forward to bringing some life to our YouTube channel, to once again creating my own content, and to spotlighting other content creators within our community.


Oh, yeah, and if you haven't already, don't forget to follow our social media pages!


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