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May Financial Report

by Justin Ford, Chief Financial Officer

1st July 2017

My apologies for the lateness of the May Financials there was some difficulties getting the correct web address for the uploaded images

Greetings Trek players and friends below are the Income Statement and Balance Sheet as of 5/31/2017.

The income statement is the activity report for the month in the various categories. Where as the Balance Sheet is a moment in time (i.e. at the end of the month).

I will be uploading each month and YTD for the income statement moving forward so that everyone can see the history and where each month ends up.

Like always, if anyone has any questions feel free to either ask them in the thread or PM me if you prefer a private answer. My number one goal is to ensure the whole community understands where we are at financially.

Without further ado.... see below for the updated books including May numbers.

Three Four

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