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News from the Finance Department

by Justin Ford, Chief Financial Officer

9th August 2017


Greetings from the Finance Department I have a short announcement to make regarding 4 openings on our team to help

with incorporation. I am looking for individuals that has any experience, in varying degrees, with writing bylaws, or

familiar with non profit & tax laws both within the US and possibly internationally.

We are moving in the direction of securing our legal status as an entity and formalizing the policies, procedures, and

regulations governing the organization. If you believe you have the experience needed to help me achieve this goal please

send me a PM at "Resistance-is-futile" with the following:

Subject Line: First Name - Incorporation Team

Body of Message: Brief explanation of your experiences and any questions you might have about the process

I would like to reiterate the experience can be of any level from beginner, to intermediate, or advanced knowledge.

I look forward to working with a few of you to finish this project and assume legal status for the organization.


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