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All Vulcans Allowed

by Matthew Zinno, Staff Writer

12th September 2017

22nd-Century ShiKahr

In June, James Monsebroten (Orbin) showed you an all-Vulcans deck based around Kolinahr, using only the Pre-Warp Pack and earlier cards.  I'd like to show you another view of the all-Vulcans deck idea, which uses several cards from the Live Long and Prosper set as well.  

Like before, we seed Vulcan (here, the Observe Ritual version, attemptable by [Fed] ), and we seed Kolinahr on it.  This card will make most of the cards we'll play compatible with each other, even though they will be from both the [Fed] and [Vul] affiliations (and a few who, if they choose, can switch to [Rom] or [SF]).  This card would be nullified if we play any personnel who are not Vulcan, but everyone is ... most by species (and half-Vulcans like Mr. Spock count), but a few only by affiliation.  There is one facility in the deck, a seeded Federation Outpost -- also compatible with all of the Vulcan cards (which includes [Vul] personnel and [Vul] ships) thanks to Kolinahr.  
Neuropressure Massage
In this deck we'll also seed the new Vulcan time location, 22nd-Century ShiKahr.  This allows a free report per turn of a native card, which means any of the (Alpha Quadrant) [Vul] [22] personnel or ships.  After reporting there, they will need to travel to the spaceline, but Kolinahr has a clause which already permits that.   With the time location, we get our choice of the IDIC engines.  I've chosen the High Command flavor, primarily for its Make It So benefit: [Vul] ships are treated the same as [Ent-E] ships, keeping the Make It So in play for future use.  For this reason, all five of the possible matching commander pairs are included in the deck.  Play the matching pairs when you can, to start using Make It So for Ready Room Doors.  You might add other options of Captain's Orders to fetch, but my inclusions are Defiant Dedication Plaque (since the printed ship RANGEs top out at 7) and Reed Alert (to fetch more matching commanders).  If a Ready Room Door gets drawn, it can fetch Solkar.

Other seeds set up some further useful abilities.  Quark's Isolinear Rods can fetch [Vul] "Trip" Tucker, who gets an early Neuropressure Massage for increased drawing ability.  Assign Mission Specialists fetches the two Vulcan targets, [Fed] Taurik and [Vul] SanyeSpacedoor will fetch universal ships from the Tent ... and has a slight trick I'll discuss in a bit.  
One Vulcan-related card which I expect to be quite helpful against attrition (e.g. from your opponent's dilemmas) is Fal-tor-pan, which rescues personnel from the top of your discard pile "at any time" (that is, whenever you're generally allowed to play an interrupt).  And there's a way to guarantee this card early in the game.  With the seed of Reunite Legends on our outpost, we can download the USS Enterprise-A during your first turn; it will then [DL] T'Lar, who will [DL] Fal-tor-pan.  (That gets it early -- as for keeping it safe from Kevin, that's what Q2 is here for.)  She can even then staff that ship and fly it around -- though be careful, that ship is not a Vulcan ship, and so it is not compatible with the [Vul] personnel cards in the deck.  If you fly it around, be warned that it can only ferry around the [Fed] and [NA] personnel.  

Besides rescuing personnel who have been killed or discarded by dilemmas or battle, Fal-tor-pan also takes the sting out of discarding when it's supposed to be a cost.  One example that I hinted at before is Spacedoor.  With Fal-tor-pan in play, the Spacedoor should get reopened at the end of any turn it gets used, by discarding a personnel from hand.  Then on your opponent's turn, between actions when you're allowed to play an interrupt, use its "at any time" ability and move that personnel to atop Fal-tor-pan, where it can play to Vulcan as if from your hand.  

Beyond those seeds and jumpstarts, the deck is designed to play as a fairly normal solver.  All of the personnel can play to Observe Ritual; those from the Alpha Qudrant can play to the outpost.  (That leaves out [DQ] Tuvok and five [MQ] personnel.)  Everyone is compatible, with two exceptions: the USS Enterprise-A as described above; and Solkar can't work with the two Treachery personnel unless you also have the Katra of Surak.  It's not even necessary to worry about matching ship affiliation for staffing (for example, the mission specialists can staff the [NA] Vulcan Lander), because of the "may use" clause in Kolinahr.   


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This deck is legal in the following Card Pools:

This deck is legal in the following Rules Sets:

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
37 V1x Avert Solar Implosion
34 V1x Extract Rare Mineral
R1x Fissure Research
30 C1x Observe Ritual
R1x Study "Hole in Space"
47 V1x The Last Outpost

Seed Deck (30)
45 VP1x A Fast Ship Would Be Nice
11 P 11x Accelerated Aging
2 V1x Damaged Reputation
60 VP1x Denevan Neural Parasites
3 V1x Difference of Opinion
3 V1x Exact Change
12 S1x Hazardous Duty
9 R1x Horta
C1x Interphasic Plasma Creatures
4 V1x Jol Yichu'!
11 V1x Justice or Vengeance
16 U2x Komar Possession
10 V1x Murder Investigation
5 V1x Reflections
2 V1x T'Pol Has Some Issues
2 C 241x Telepathic Deception
11 V1x Undercover Agent
9 V1x Alternate Universe Door
1 V1x Q's Tent
90 VP1x Spacedoor
5 V1x Mirror Image
34 V1x Federation Outpost
77 P1x Kolinahr
4 V1x Make It So
61 VP1x Quark's Isolinear Rods
18 V1x Assign Mission Specialists
28 V1x Defend Homeworld
16 V1x Reunite Legends
Time Location
61 V1x 22nd-Century ShiKahr

Draw Deck (42)
2 V1x Ready Room Door
11 V1x IDIC: Power of the High Command
26 V3x Reed Alert!
78 P2x Vulcan Database
R1x Going to the Top
39 U1x I'm a Doctor, Not a Bricklayer
34 C2x Live Long and Prosper
U2x Q2
38 R+1x Captain Spock
50 VP1x First Officer Spock
82 R1x Mr. Tuvok
62 R+1x Saavik
1 VP1x Spock
C1x Taurik
120 VP1x Tuvok
72 V1x Selot
R1x Solkar
42 V1x Commander T'Pol
48 V1x Crewman Soval
80 P1x Delvok
34 V1x Koss
36 V1x Minister T'Pau
81 P1x Sanye
38 V1x Sedis
82 P1x Sopek
45 V1x Surak
47 V1x T'Les
49 V1x T'Mik
86 P1x T'Pol (Pre-Warp Pack)
51 V1x Tavek
54 V1x Vanik
52 V1x V'Las
32 V1x Charles Tucker III (Live Long and Prosper)
33 V1x Jonathan Archer (Live Long and Prosper)
56 V1x Ni'Var
57 V1x Sh'Raan
58 V1x Ti'Mur

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
8 V1x Vulcan Tricorder
55 VP1x Defiant Dedication Plaque
15 C1x Fal-tor-pan
6 V1x Neuropressure Massage
14 V1x The Katra of Surak
29 V1x Combat-Ready: Tactical Reserve
U1x Vulcan Mindmeld
64 U1x T'Lar
102 VP1x U.S.S. Enterprise-A
54 V1x Stolen Ship
U1x Vulcan Lander
88 P1x D'kyr
59 V1x Vulcan Frigate

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