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September Financial Update

by Justin Ford, Chief Financial Officer

24th October 2017

Greetings from the Finance Department!

Happy Fall to everyone! Hope everyone that travelled to Worlds had a great time, from what I gathered the event was a huge success props to the Orlando Team for hosting an amazing week to culminate the tournament season for 2017. Below you will find the numbers for the month of September for your viewing. The projected Budget column has been adjusted and corrected from last month with a few exclusions. First, I have excluded the $800.00 donation that was made for the worlds event in Orlando; Secondly, I have excluded the $715 misc. expense that was done for worlds; and lastly, the $1200 noted in the Income line which indicates the balance transfer from the old PayPal account to start our new one with this new system in place. You will see our Income basically equates to our Expenses. The minimum goal that I have for us is at a minimum our operating expenses which keeps the website working along with 2 other basic functions of the organization is 12 months of this expense as cash at all times in our account as a fall back position.

As always if there are any questions or concerns feel free to either post them in the discussion thread for this article or send me a private message if you prefer a more discrete answer. I want to ensure that every member of the organization understands where our money is coming from, and where it went each month.

Income and Expense Statement:


Balance Sheet:


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