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Welcome to Cardassian Week

by Maggie Geppert, Vice Chairman

3rd December 2017

Welcome to Cardassian week!  To get in the spirit of things, you might want to check out some Cardassian episodes.  Maybe you could help to heal The Wounded or join the Chain of Command?  Are things coming down to The Wire?  Are you In Purgatory’s Shadow?  Try not to live in a State of Flux and get down to Basics.

We have some fun stuff for you this week.  Charlie Plaine will be telling us about Cardassian design in First and Second Edition.  I’ll be checking out a basic Cardassian deck for First Edition and showing off how capturing works in Second Edition.  Ross Fertel will be talking about Tacking into the Wind, which featured Team Groumall.  I’ve also got a couple of guest writers on tap.  Stay tuned for more.

Check out Derrick Marsh and Mike Shea chatting about their Top 5 Cardassian cards for First and Second Edition, respectively.

Now to this week’s puzzle.  The military heirarchy is very important to Cardassians.  Today I want you to match the Glinn to the Gul.

Tajor                                                                Trepar

Damar                                                              Macet

Telak                                                               Dukat

Telle                                                                Lemec

Borven                                                             Evek

Daro                                                                Macet

PM your solution to me (jadziadax8) before 11:59 pm CST (that’s -6:00 GMT) on December 9th, 2017.  I will choose one random winner from all correct entries.  The winner will choose between a themed First Edition or Second Edition promo card.

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