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And on the sixth day God created MANchester (So let's do UK 1E Nationals there)

by Paddy Tye, First Edition Creative Manager

26th May 2018

Random Yorkshireman

That time is already fast approaching - UK 1E Nationals will be held in Manchester again this year. The recently refurbished FanBoy3 will be hosting 1E Nationals once again on Saturday 24th November.

In 2017, a European invasion from Germany and Sweden resulted in a highly competitive UK Nationals (with many drinks consumed)! What will happen in 2018?

Will Stefan de Walf (aka Meinhard S. Rohr) be able to retain his crown? Will the European title belt be defended? Will anyone get sexecuted by Niall? Will Danny Nuttall finally make that much rumoured return to the European playscene?

You can sign up here and find out!

Date: Saturday 24th November

Time: 10:30 am

Format: Constructed OTF

No. of Rounds: 4

Venue: FanBoy3 (25 Hilton St, Manchester, M1 1EL)

Entry fee: £10 (half goes to the venue, half goes into a prize pot for the winner)

Drinking: Likely

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