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Of Course I'm Paranoid, Everyone's Trying To Kill Me!

by Ross Fertel, Second Edition Brand Manager

13th July 2018

Of all the affiliations and factions in the game, Deep Space Nine Earth took the longest to find a home.  Pretty much everyone else had something as an identity right out of the gate, but this one had access to two halves of factions that certainly didn’t oppose each other but didn’t really do anything specifically together either. 


It was something Decipher really wasn’t able to do.  It was something that The Continuing Committee did but it took a lot of time.  Not for nothing, the Committee did try several times to inject something into the faction, but nothing really stuck to the wall.  The problem was that if you made them better, it could too easily translate to The Next Generation, who were about the last group needing any sort of boost.



Benjamin Sisko, Acting Head of Starfleet Security

After some time passed, the Paranoia concept set in.  On a basic level, each of these events gives you something really nice but takes something away.  Yes, cost is not just that number in the upper left.  You really had to build your deck to take the upmost advantage of these cards but make sure that the drawback has a minimal effect on your overall plans.    These cards are not splashable in the slightest.  To take advantage of Deep Space Nine Earth and not simply boost TNG, Bluegills arose.  In the episode, they were specifically not playing really well with the crew and in the game this comes through by not having an effect on that icon.  They really aren’t worth putting in your TNG deck unless you had a beyond good reason to do so.  For the first time, Deep Space Nine Earth had an identity of its own.



Looking at the individual cards, Artistic License is a great card for your consuming deck or just late game in general.  Flare of Rage and Frozen by Fear are connected at the hip and are good for game removal fun if you can get them to hit.  Peremptory Plea helps you get mileage out of your Kahn related Dilemma Pile.  Pest Control arrived as a space version of Mugato and Unconventional Consideration went against not having unconventional skills.  Karen Leows Patient Chaperone will help get a theme going if you want to try another tactic in your deck.  Undermined Defenses, War of Attrition, Untapped Influence, Kira Nerys Grudging Ally, Revok Eager Ally, Eden’atal, Founder Leader Intergalactic Wizard, and Raya Bureaucratic Ally all helped Terok Nor with their dilemma removal theme.  All of this while a Laurian sits by the bar calmly.


This expansion also introduced Species 8472 to the game.  They took a long time making their debut, coming into existence almost the start of the Continuing Committee, but made their mark on the game with an alternate path to victory.

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