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Enterprise Collection Remastered

by Charlie Plaine, Acting First Edition Brand Manager

26th October 2018

Seat of Starfleet

Today, I'm pleased to announce the release of Enterprise Collection Remastered, a new type of virtual expansion featuring refreshed versions of the eighteen (18) cards originally printed in Decipher's Enterprise Collection. This expansion is available for free download immediately from The Continuing Committee's website, and are immediately legal in all formats. You can download the PDF right here, so you can get started printing high resolution copies for your Starfleet decks.

A remastered expansion is one that doesn't introduce any new cards to the game; it's made up of reprints of existing cards. The Continuing Committee had dabbled in this space before with the 2016 Second Edition Infinite Diversity Remastered expansion. While that release changed the contents of the original printing, Enterprise Collection Remastered, and presumably future remastered expansion, will not. You can think of it like a new coat of paint - it's the same set of cards, just with updated spit and polish.

A lot has changed for the Starfleet affiliation since their introduction in the Enterprise Collection, and the cards have been issued errata more than once to accommodate those changes. Starfleet has also relied on special rules for years, adding a layer of complexity to the affiliation above what should be needed. By re-releasing these cards in this remastered expansion, we're able to provide a definitive version for these classic cards. More importantly, we can remove all the extra rules to play with these cards in all First Edition games. Additionally, Enterprise Collection Remastered will remove the last dependency on backwards compatible cards from the Starfleet affiliation. Finally, remastered expansions will allow players access to high quality, high resolution versions of older physical (or virtual) cards.

But what to do with these old-yet-new cards? Starfleet has a lot of toys and tricks, and sometimes it can be a bit of a mess trying to figure out where to start. Using all of the cards in Enterprise Collection Remastered, how about a basic Starfleet solver deck? This deck focuses the missions on just six (6) skills: ENGINEER, OFFICER, SECURITY, Leadership, Navigation, and Computer Skill; the latter is required on just one of the missions. Most of the personnel have two or more of these skills, so you should be able to attempt with almost everyone in your deck, no matter which order they come out.

Revisionist History

Here's a quick look at how each of the cards in Enterprise Collection Remastered play a role in this deck.

Starfleet Phaser Pistol
A hand weapon is a valuable tool for any deck, for passing dilemmas or fighting off aggressive Klingons. With the only copy of this weapon in the tent, you'll need to get it with Explore New World.

Revisionist History
Fresh off the ban list, this card is most likely going to let you get and reply your copies of Temporal Shifting (see below). However, there are some pretty good [AU] Events in the game, if you want to mix up your choices. But even if you stick with just the only other [AU] event in this expansion, you might be able to run a few less copies and fit in some other cards instead.

Temporal Shifting
Ever since it's release, this has been one of my favorite draw engines. For the cost of a card play and the discard of an [AU] card, you get to draw four cards. In the years since, there have been some different takes on this mechanic that are a little more powerful, but Temporal Shifting has versatility since you can use it on your opponent as an offensive maneuver.

Seat of Starfleet
The Continuing Committee hasn't made - or done much with - headquarters since Seat of Starfleet made its debut, but this is a key card in any non-Mirror Starfleet deck. Not only does it allow a free report, it gets you instant access to UFP: One Small Step, which vastly expands the mission selection for Starfleet decks, including this one.

Charles Tucker III
Tucker is an absolute skill tank and an invaluable member of any Starfleet crew. Aside from his Diplomacy, he has three of the six mission skills in this deck and can grab you a Tricorder at instant speed. Both the Vulcan and Engineering versions are in this deck.

Jonathan Archer

Elizabeth Cutler
While she doesn't offer any mission skills for this set of missions, she does carry quite a few valuable dilemma busting skills. Biology on a non-MEDICAL personnel is great for Medical Crisis, not to mention she can volunteer for random selections to protect another key personnel. And it's always handy to have a cook around.

Emory Erikson
The father of the transporter doesn't offer much that's different from Mr. Tucker (above), but he can bust through almost any Transporter Skill dilemma. His CUNNING of 9 isn't anything to sneeze at, either. And while this deck relies on the single-ship strategy, one could choose to include the Sarajevo to download him at instant speed!

Ethan Novakovich
The original man of many keywords still comes in handy in this Starfleet deck! Ethan is a cook, bartender, waiter, president, and senator, just in case you need some Executive Authorization. He provides another non-MEDICAL Biology, though he does also carry one of the mission skills to add to his value.

Hoshi Sato
The original Hoshi didn't tend to see much play once her other version from Straight and Steady arrived. But don't sell this version short: Hail is a fun card to stock if your opponent is known to run interference. And the ability to nullify any copies of Talosian Cage, Distraction, or LoveScow you run into isn't something to be looked down upon!

Jeremy Lucas
While this doctor might be light on mission skills, a double MEDICAL personnel is always handy. Plus, he can grab you any MEDICAL-related equipment you might want to include in your deck. Ruining an opponent's MEDICAL-drain combo by grabbing a Medical Kit out of thin air is always fun.


Jonathan Archer
Loaded with mission skills for this deck, Archer is one of the key personnel. While his downloads of Porthos and Captain's Log aren't in the deck as provided, they are easy additions. But his captain trait will be most useful when Taking Charge to Explore New Worlds.

Malcolm Reed
Another skill monster with three different mission skills, Malcolm is a solid personnel. If you choose to use some of the Referee cards, he would be an excellent choice to download with Defend Homeworld.

Maxwell Forrest
Admiral Forrest will probably be in every Starfleet deck ever made. He brings a lot to the table. With his double Leadership, you can get him with Going to the Top; because he is an admiral, you can use Taking Charge. But most importantly, his special download will get you an NX-class ship. This is an amazingly versatile download, giving you an early ship or a late game reinforcement.

Dr. Phlox is another character that doesn't have the mission skills in this deck, but carries some nice dilemma busting skills. But his special skill, allowing you to discard two cards from hand to save a [SF] personnel from death, is huge. You'll need draws to fuel his ability; Finally Ready to Swim helps, and so does Temporal Shifting, but feel free to find other options to keep your hand full.

The Vulcan officer T'Pol comes with invaluable skills, and the only opportunity out of Enterprise Collection Remastered to "cheat" a skill. Her download can get you any number of Vulcan-related interrupts, but Vulcan Mindmeld is likely to be the most useful.

T'Pol/Soong Maneuver

Travis Mayweather
Travis' special skill isn't likely to come into play - even though Full Planet Scan has recently come off the ban list, it's not used much. Fortunately, he comes with a great set of skills for both mission solving and dilemma busting.

The signature ship, from which the show and this expansion get their name, is a quality one. Though her printed attributes are weak, she can climb to a respectable 11-9-10 attributes. All you need is a few [Cmd] star personnel aboard, and fortunately seven of the twelve personnel in Enterprise Collection Remastered have the gold star. You can boost it further by having Archer aboard, since he'll conviently download Captain's Log for you.

T'Pol/Soong Maneuver
Every affiliation needs a tactic, and Starfleet is no exception. This particular tactic will give your Enterprise (or Columbia) a boost, with a +3 ATTACK bonus or a +4 DEFENSE bonus. And remember, Starfleet does not have Federation attack restrictions, so you're free to take a shot at a vulnerable opponent.

The deck below is just a skeleton - you can add more MACOs to maximize their support cards, tweak the missions and skills, or add in some of the Mirror Quadrant personnel. The ability to expand Starfleet's power is in your hands with the Enterprise Collection Remastered, available now!

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Print DecklistCopy Deck

This deck is legal in the following Card Pools:

This deck is legal in the following Rules Sets:

This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:

Mission (6)
23 V1x Intercept Dignitary
15 V1x Navigate Argolis Cluster
17 V1x Renovate Starbase
C1x Repair Mission
6 V1x Reported Activity
36 V1x Research Devastating Attack

Seed Deck (14)
6 V2x MACO Encounter
1 V1x Battle Bridge Door
1 V1x Q's Tent
9 V1x Finally Ready to Swim
2 V1x Revisionist History
23 V1x Call for Reinforcements
14 V1x Federation Flagship: Recovered
25 V1x Launch Bay
20 V1x Protect the Timeline
28 V1x Taking Charge
7 V1x The Warp Five Program
C1x Assign Mission Specialists
Time Location
36 V1x 22nd-Century San Francisco

Draw Deck (46)
3 V7x Temporal Shifting
4 V1x Seat of Starfleet
20 V1x UFP: One Small Step
41 V3x Explore New World
30 V1x HQ: Secure Homeworld
5 V1x Charles Tucker III
39 V1x Dallas
49 V1x Danica Erickson
40 V1x Daniel Leonard
6 V1x Elizabeth Cutler
7 V1x Emory Erickson
42 V1x Erika Hernandez
8 V1x Ethan Novakovich
70 V1x Fiona McKenzie
15 V1x Gannet Brooks
9 V1x Hoshi Sato
45 V1x Jeffrey Pierce
72 V1x Jeremiah Hayes
10 V1x Jeremy Lucas
73 V1x John Frederick Paxton
11 V1x Jonathan Archer
75 V1x Kelby
12 V1x Malcolm Reed
76 V1x Markus Forbes
13 V1x Maxwell Forrest
47 V1x McDermott
14 V1x Phlox
81 V1x Sascha Money
82 V1x Sean Hawkins
83 V1x Stewart Rivers
15 V1x T'Pol
16 V1x Travis Mayweather
32 V1x Arik Soong
41 V1x Daniels
17 V1x Enterprise
88 V3x Shuttlepod Two

Q-Tent Side Deck (13)
34 S1x Engineering Kit
35 S1x Engineering Tricorder
38 S1x Medical Kit
1 V1x Starfleet Phaser Pistol
71 P1x Vulcan PADD
8 V1x Vulcan Tricorder
20 V1x Grappler: Shuttlepod Retrieval
21 V1x Starbase One
C1x Emergency Evacuation
U1x Vulcan Mindmeld
51 V1x Columbia
17 V1x Enterprise
87 V1x Shuttlepod One

Battle-Bridge Side Deck (12)
18 V12x T'Pol/Soong Maneuver

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