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2019 North American High-Level Events

by Michael Van Breemen, North American OP Coordinator

6th November 2018

With 2020 Worlds being determined as part of a bid process starting sometime next year, we decided to try out part of what would be involved in this bid process for some of the events for North America in 2019. I mention some as one has already been fixed for next year:

GenCon will host 2019 US Nationals for 1E, 2E and Tribbles in 2019. (GenCon in 2019 is from August 1st to the 4th.)

This leaves four Masters events and a Continentals event for North America to determine and for that, we’d like to get your feedback in terms of whether you’re interested in hosting the event and more information about your area that we might not already know. So, without further ado, we’d like to get some information from you in the following survey -

Your name and the other organizer(s), if any, and the city/state (or province) where you’d like to host the event at.

Number of local area players or players that would likely be in attendance. Information about the venue - would there be a cost involved, how many people could the venue realistically hold, how late the venue could be open for, distance to lodging/food from the venue, any other information you think we need to know, etc.

City - what is there to do there, what non-Trek activities might be available for others to do that would entice people to attend?

When would you like to host the event and, if you have a preference, would you rather host Continentals or Masters?

You can send this to me on the boards (The Ninja Scot) in a PM or you can email me (no spaces in the board handle at yahoo.com) I’m foreseeing this to have a fast turnaround so my planned timeframe is to have all of the responses to this by November 22nd and to have the decision before the end of the month.

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