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Announcing North American Continentals

by Michael Shea, Chief Ambassador

21st January 2019

Atlanta is delighted and honored to host the 2019 North American Continentals. Having hosted successful and well-attended US Nationals events in 2014 and 2018 and a Masters event in 2016, I and the rest of the Atlanta play group look forward to welcoming you once again to Atlanta.

The dates for North American Continentals will be Friday, June 21st through Sunday, June 23rd. These dates were chosen by me after consultation with Organized Play, members of our local playgroup, and members of other playgroups who frequently travel to Atlanta to participate in our events. In addition, it has been indicated on the forums that this time of year – which falls within the traditional range of dates past North American Continental events have been held – is a “sweet spot” for many travelers with families. All of those factors were taken into account.

While I am aware that European Continentals will be held on the same date, I hope this will serve as an opportunity for cross-promotion and greater publicity for both events. And, while I don’t anticipate that there are a great number of players that were considering attending both events – I apologize in advance to any players who feel inconvenienced. But I remain confident that European players and North American players alike will be still able to organize and enjoy both events!

The specific schedule of events is still being worked out, but I can tell you that the Second Edition and Tribbles main events will be held on Saturday, June 22nd, and the First Edition main event will be held Sunday, June 23rd. In addition to these events, there will be numerous side events held throughout the weekend, beginning on Friday for all those arriving early.

Due to a set of unforeseen circumstances, I am having to negotiate a new venue for our event. I had hoped to have this ready to announce at this time as well, but details and pricing are still being finalized and I didn’t want to wait any longer to make an official announcement about the dates so that those wishing to travel could begin getting vacation time in order. I am still in negotiations with several different conference hotels in the Atlanta area to host the event. Please rest assured, an announcement about the specific location of the event is forthcoming in the next few days.

Please stay tuned for more details, and I hope to see you in Atlanta June 21st – 23rd 2019 for North American Continentals.


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