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Worlds 2019 Informations #1 - The Traveler's Pool

by Julius Melhardt, European OP Coordinator

24th January 2019

STCCG Worlds 2019 – Sponsored Traveler Pool


You've already thought about going to Vienna for this year’s STCCG World Championships, but you're a little bit short on budget?


Well, the organization team has good news for you: We found a sponsor for a special „Vienna STCCG Worlds Traveler Pool“, which is doped with up to 3.000,00 €!


We have your attention now, don't we? And now you are curious if you are qualified tapping into this pool. Let me explain the approach (and of course you have to participate in 1E and/or 2E events of the STCCG World Championship in Vienna):


First step – check the starting point of your flight:

We have decided to group the expected participants in three geographical regions:


Region 1, Europe/Mediterranean area with linear distance from Vienna of (at least) 1.500 km. That means you are qualified if flying in from Madrid or Edinburgh or Helsinki or Moscow or Tel-Aviv.


Region 2, American continent


Region 3, Australia/New Zealand, Asia, Africa


Second step – inform us that you intend to come

You have to send an e-mail to „klingon.kor[at]gmx.at“, submitting at least: your name, where you'll be flying from, and your (expected) ticket price.


Deadline: 31st March 2019


Third step – decision about your share

After we know how many players intend to come, I'll decide the amount that goes to each applicant. On 15th April 2019 you will be informed via mail about the amount you will get (if you show up). And sorry guys, there is no possibility for legal measures. I assure you the decision will be fair.


(Depending on the number of applicants, a single person should expect to receive no less than 100 €, and no more than 300 €, with longer flights generally receiving a higher amount.)


Fourth step – claiming your share of the „Traveler Pool“

Showing up in Vienna & participating on one of the main events 1E or 2E STCCG World Championship. Contact me there and I'll hand over your assigned amount in cash!


What you are waiting for? Vienna is calling!


Text written by the sponsor himself, Josef Lemberger (OldKor)

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