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Worlds 2019 Informations #3 - Four days of Trek Insanity

by Julius Melhardt, European OP Coordinator

5th March 2019

My dear friends!

Only five months to go!!!

The Austrian player group proudly presents the first preliminary schedule for Worlds 2019 in Vienna.

We'll try to make tournaments for everyone, if you're a First or Second Edition (or Tribbles) purist, if you play all the fantastic games, if you just want to have a good time with some friends or even if you just want to have one or two drinks.

I will sort this preliminary schedule by day and starting time (not by the played edition) and please acknowledge that all these tournaments will be posted on the site later this month.


Thursday, August 8th 2019


Friday, August 9th 2019


Saturday, August 10th 2019


Sunday, August 11th 2019


We have not prescheduled any Tribbles Side events, whenever you find at least three other fur-lovers who would like to play a tournament (with or without any Troubles), just come to the main judge, tell him about your Furry-Tale and start breeding.

We start all our tournament days a little bit later than you might be used to. This is because we've seen in all Vienna's major events in the past that it is much easier to play longer than to get up early. The venue will be closed when WE decide to, so we have all the time in the Worlds including postponing some of the events a little bit to allow as much players to attend as possible...

I will give you more detailed informations about the "special" tournaments in the Informations #3.5 as well.


See you all in five months !!! LLAP

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