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National Make Lunch Count Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

12th April 2019

Find answers.  There are some threads on the forums you might want to look at, especially those that answer lingering questions.  Find out about John Harriman’s ability to gain a skill from himself, learn how Lethal Wound interacts with cards like Bridge Officer’s Test and debate the merits of Nothing to Lose and Quantum Incursions.


Enter the Upcoming Events contest. Now in its third week, Lucas Thompson is continuing his annual contest to guess who will gain the most rating points at events this week. 


Travel. Ypsilanti, Michigan; Koblenz, Germany; and Camberwell, Greater London are all hosting events this weekend.  Note that if you go to the earlier one in Koblenz, you must have a Virtual deck!


Read.  Several decks from last weekend are posted for your perusal.  Andrea Haywood-Lobban played An Updated Romantic Vacation, a TNG deck using the cards from the latest set along with a combination Chula and Tillman pile.    Charlie Plaine broke out the Alliance with Shattering a Fun House Mirror.  Chris Lobban played a 2Q 2 Klingons deck using some tricks from Far Beyond the Stars.  Michael Van Breemen played Earth Deep Space Nine with Alternate Earth – Other Version, a deck featuring high cunning personnel.  Amber Van Breemen played the TNG deck High-Integrity – Achievement try.  Kenneth Tufts won the day with 2e KCA 1.0, an Alliance deck with a Cardassian bend.


This next event was Traditional, meaning that only cards produced by Decipher were legal.  Bear this in mind as you look through their decks. Martin Drake went with Klingon traditional Deck using some looked over tricks.  Joseph Bazemore played When DS9 sends its people, they’re not sending the best.  They’re sending people that have lots of problems…they’ve bringing Symbionts, they’re bringing hasperat. They’re aliens featuring runabouts as the only ships, making it eligible foe that achievement along with a bit more.  Rick Kinney played a Maquis PURCS – a Decipher tradition while Sean O’Reilly went with Green Strength.  Ted Rebeel wound up winning the day with the combination of Starfleet, Dominion and Klingons in traditional deck for 3-6 tourny.  This deck has a combination of battle prowess and getting dilemmas under your missions.  Seven different personnel, fifteen different cards, forty-one total cards in the draw deck, there’s a lot of redundancy in there for you to enjoy.

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