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National Superheroes Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

26th April 2019

The big news is that we have set updates.  If you were eager for Donar B, you’re going to have to b a little more patient.  Get ready for the revamped Project Anniversary.  Celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of this amazing game, this set will feature ‘punch ups’ of First Edition cards optimized for Second Edition.  Also on the agenda is Project Lassie which will focus on fifty point missions in honor of the fiftieth set.  Find more details on the forum thread.


This is also a great weekend to travel.  Owing to the holiday weekend, there weren’t too many games played last weekend, but there are a lot coming up! Roseville, Minnesota; Burlington, Massachusetts; Mount Prospect, Illinois and Denison Texas are all having events.  Though there is a regional in there, they are all constructed events, though the last is an ‘Totally Illegal Playtest Tournament.”


This is also a great time to check out the recently concluded season of Star Trek: Discovery.  There are a lot of fans in the community and you can partake in the forum thread.  There are some great performances all around, both old faces and those new to the franchise.  There is a free trial if you have yet to partake and the season is there for you to look at.  Enjoy!


Lucas Thompson’s predictions contest is in its fifth week.  Take a look and enter in the latest thread.


Thinking back to the time period between 2008 and 2015, who are the top ten players?


There would usually be a look at decks played the past weekend, but that isn’t in the cards this week.  If only there were a spoiler I could drop.  Let’s see, there’s the one whose art brief included the words ‘maximum cuteness’ or the one whose subtitle is Unflappable, or …

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