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"You're your mother's daughter."

by Greg Dillon, Staff Writer

17th May 2019

Miral Paris

As an avid Relativity player whenever a new set is being revealed I always look intently for a [Fed] personnel with a [Fut] icon so for my first article I’m happy to reveal Miral Paris the first ‘native’(henceforth known as a Relativian) addition to the faction since Harry Kim in Lower Decks almost 4 years ago.

You can see Miral over there on the right and here’s what I like about her for Relativity:

1) Anthropology is good because it’s a pretty rare skill for Relativians considering their ‘HQ’ actually requires it x2, now only 6 (all unique) have it

2) Diplomacy is a really good skill for Relativity because they can be heavily punished by damage dilemmas like Gomtuu Sock Wave and Greater Needs but like Anthropology it is also quite rare, now only 5 Relativians with it (6 in space).

3) Engineer because it is a fairly common mission skill for Realtivity decks and she also has a decent 6 Cunning, the go to mission attribute.

4) Her ability which has an interesting new trigger "When this personnel enters play" that allows her to work when played normally but also off of Temporal Transporters or Secret Identity/The Caretaker’s "Guests". Getting an equipment that costs up to 2 will offset Miral’s or a TT’s cost nicely and can facilitate using Grav-Plating Traps or to simply get your equipment in to play. I’ve used Emergency Transport Unit, Coil Spanner and Science PADD in my Relativity builds previously, a hand weapon could also be a nice addition as Rogue Borg Ambush is a weakness of the faction (Miral’s 7 Strength helps on that front as well). Miral's ability also shares a cool common theme with the other future personnel sourced from Voyagers finale.

I’ll definitely be adding Miral to my Relativity builds such as the one below and possibly an extra equipment along side her.

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This deck is currently eligible for the following family or families of achievements:


Print DecklistPrint ChecklistCopy DeckDownload Into DeckPADD

2U97•Avert Danger
30V29•Metron Arena, Resolve Standing Conflict
24V21•Evaluate Soliton Wave
28V22•Prevent Historical Disruption
33V30•Stakoron Strait, Patrol Shipping Lane

Draw Deck (42)
4C321x Emergency Transport Unit
1C701x Science PADD
24V133x Christening
5P121x Security Drills
30V171x Self-Replicating Roadblock
0VP871x •Surprise Party
25V163x Tacking Into the Wind
28V123x Temporal Transporters
28V131x Curious Companion
28V261x •Anthony Braxton, Forward-thinking Recruiter
10U611x •B'Elanna Torres, Straightforward Engineer
14R782x •Data, Lucasian Chair
34V301x •Harry Kim, Remorseful Survivor
28V281x •Icheb, Second Officer
11P172x •James T. Kirk, Original Thinker
5P281x •James T. Kirk, Living Legend
28V302x •Juel Ducane, Above Reproach
30V471x •Julian Bashir, Nostalgic Doctor
17V621x •Kathryn Janeway, Regretful Leader
28V313x Marris
48V121x •Miral Paris, Daughter of B'Elanna
18V271x •Naomi Wildman, Astrometrics Officer
13U731x •Revised Doctor, Mass Murderer
28V361x •Seven of Nine, Undercover Operative
28V373x Simmons
6P531x •William T. Riker, Wistful Admiral
28V533x •U.S.S. Relativity, Federation Timeship
Dilemma Pile (37)
0VP1112x An Issue of Trust
41V22x Dereliction of Duty
40V31x Dragon's Teeth
0VP93x Hard Time
22V41x Healing Hand
22V51x Honorable Pursuit
21V31x In Development
24V61x Insurrection
26V42x Intimidation
14C71x Moral Choice
47V31x Nothing to Lose
17V91x Occupational Hazards
22V82x Pitching In
18V52x Polywater Intoxication
15V71x Show Trial
13R201x The Dal'Rok
31V111x The Weak Will Perish
2C251x Timescape
1R71x Assassination Attempt
17V81x Miner Revolt
10C121x Necessary Execution
3U251x Rogue Borg Ambush
15V91x We'll Never Know
15V11x Breaking the Ice
3R122x Gomtuu Shock Wave
8R131x Outclassed
0VP331x Personal Duty
24V91x Rush Job
7R151x Where No One Has Gone Before

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