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National Paranormal Day

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

3rd May 2019

Here are some Second Edition things you can do this weekend.


Read.  There’s a thread on the boards about the use of the word ‘when’ along with one about Shocking Revelation. Feel free to join in!


Predict.  Lucas’ Upcoming Events Contest is in its sixth week.  Take a stab at who will have the highest ratings gain.


Travel.  Milnerton, Cape Town; Birmingham, Alabama; Wien, Austria; Denison, Texas and Camberwell London are all hosting events this weekend.  If you like Camberwell, sick around for the second event.  There are two events online this month, one a Hall of Fame regional and the other at the Dojo


But all eyes will be on Wien, Austria for Nationals!


Read about decks from this past weekend.  In Coquitlam, British Columbia, Bren Tufts played Starfleet – Bren’s version 2.1.  There’s Non-Human, MACOs,, Mirror, truly a bit of everything, including Smiley as the sole non-starfleet card.  Kenneth Tufts played Triple HQ Relativity 1.3 while Michael VanBreemen won the day with Keras Rakes the Asker's for Sarek's Saker using Romulan cards old and new.  Hrmm, take out Greasy Dukat and you can make a New Romulas deck.


Over at Mount Prospect, Illinois, Casey Wickem won the day with My Tos Romantic Comedy Snafu Too.  In Burlington, Massachusetts, Lucas Thompson played Thanos goes to Romulas, a nice Euro style deck with an anti-meta mission scheme.  Cayenne Geiss brought The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine together in Combo-st Heap v2 while Bob Geis played Simply KCA.  Chris O’Connell won with his Starfleet Sloppy Seconds.


The Regional in Roseville, Minnesota happened over the weekend as well.  Mark Muston played Common Vines with The Next Generation while Justin Kaufman went with New Delta Klingons.  Kris Sorensby played Bodies Fill the Fields I See... the Slaughter Never Ends, an Original Series space battle deck and Robert Peterson continued the bloody theme with the Klingon Cardassian Alliance ready Die to Fight Another Day.  Steve Nelson played Maquis with Applying the FULL-NELSON 1.3.

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