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Space Coast Masters Schedule

by Daniel Matteson, Director of Communications

3rd May 2019

Hello, everyone! As you may have already seen, a Trek Masters has been announced for West Melbourne, Florida, November 8-10th, 2019. Space Coast Masters will be the first high-level event ever in West Melbourne, and the first in Florida since Worlds 2017. The event also coincides with Veterans Day weekend, as well as the 25th anniversary of Star Trek CCG. I'm very excited to bring you this event and hope you will consider making the trip. In today's article I'll give you a little information about the venue and the area, as well as a full schedule of events.

West Melbourne is a city on the east coast of Florida along I-95, along the southern end of the Space Coast. It's located comfortably in the center of the state and is an hour's drive from many popular cities and tourist attractions. Looking to get to the beach? The closest, Indialantic, is only seven miles away. If you want a more popular beach, Vero Beach is 50 miles south, or Daytona Beach is 90 miles north. Kennedy Space Center is just 40 miles away, and of course, Orlando, Walt Disney World, and all the rest are about 70 miles away.

Get Your Fun On

Get Your Fun On, according to their own website, is "a family owned brick and mortar tabletop game store. We feature a family friendly environment and a huge inventory. Events almost every day. A huge play space that includes a giant library of over 1,000 board and card games for you to try." The game store is actually two different businesses working in one large retail space: the other is a comic store called Famous Faces and Funnies. The two businesses share a corner retail space in a building that used to be a movie theater, and the game store has (in addition to its retail space) a large theater-sized room just for open gaming, with custom tables for card, board, and role-playing games, and a wall of hundreds of board games available for open gaming. The venue does not serve alcohol but does have a stocked fridge, drinks and snacks available. Several restaurants inhabit the plaza, including a Subway, and dozens more are within walking distance along U.S. 192.

All right, with all that said, let's look at the full Space Coast Masters schedule as it currently stands.

Friday, November 8

12:00 pm - Second Edition side event (Standard Constructed)

We open with a warm-up Second Edition event for our early travelers as well as new, returning, or casual players. Demo decks will be on hand as well. Never played Second Edition? This is the day to learn!

5:00 pm - Tribbles side event (Standard Constructed)

It's not a tournament day if it doesn't finish up with some Tribbles. Also a great way for new players to join the game, literally dozens of extra decks are on hand. Bring your family and breed some Tribbles with us!

Saturday, November 9

11:00 am - Second Edition Masters (Standard Constructed)

The premier event of the weekend is the Second Edition Masters event. Bring your best Standard deck and battle it out over five Swiss rounds for the title of Second Edition Trek Master.

11:00 am - First Edition side event (OTSD* Sealed)

Is Second Edition not your game? First Edition players can fill the time with a sealed event. Players receive an Official Tournament Sealed Deck, plus a couple of bonus booster packs (dealer's choice), from which to build an Open format deck with. (Note: this will be an OTSD event as long as I have, or can obtain, enough product; otherwise, this will become a TNG Block sealed event.)

6:00 pm - Tribbles Masters (Standard Constructed)

Once again, you can't have Masters events in Florida without Tribbles Masters. Poison, Utilize, Discard, and Battle your way to victory! (Note: this will likely be two rounds, and the start time is subject to change, as we'll try to schedule a meal break after Second Edition Masters.)

Sunday, November 10

12:00 pm - First Edition Masters (OTF Constructed)

On Sunday we get to the final championship event, as the First Edition players get their turn. Bring your best OTF deck and battle it out over four Swiss rounds for the title of First Edition Trek Master.

12:00 pm - Second Edition side event (Infinite Diversity Remastered draft)

If First Edition isn't your game, Second Edition players will get a rare opportunity to play a draft with Infinite Diversity Remastered booster packs! (Note: as these are virtual cards, please bring sleeves and backing cards if possible.)

5:00 pm - Tribbles side event (With Troubles)

We conclude our weekend with a final Tribbles side event, but this time the chaos factor gets increased as the Trouble pile is added to the mix. (Note: First Edition Masters players will probably miss the start of this event, but due to the venue closing early on Sundays, this event can't be held later.)

The full schedule will be added to the tournament system very soon, and I'll have another article with prize information as we get closer (and I figure those details out). In the meantime, feel free to write me (pm: OKCoyote) if you have any questions, and I hope to see you there!


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