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A Less Perfect Union Treasures

by Ross Fertel, Director of Second Edition

31st May 2019

With every set release, I like to look a some of what I consider to be interesting Behind the scenes stories.  Think of them as deleted scenes or DVD extras.

Edward jellico


Edward Jellico – This card caused a bit on internal debate.  He was based off a character involved with the Cardassians, so his ability goes into their bag of tricks.  In fact, his first version was very aggressive in terms of causing discards to happen.  It was very much something that would have been at home in a Cardassian deck with an ability to cause a not insignificant number of discards per trigger.  That’s a bit of a problem because the Federation, especially The Next Generation, shouldn’t do something nearly as nefarious as dipping to the aggressive discarding pool.  They are more geared towards helping everyone and usually they have a restriction on their end.  This borrowing from another faction isn’t too common and when a group does go outside their ‘color pie,’ they usually have to pay for it by either trimming it down or upping the number of counters.  It was very much cooled down and adapted to serve The Next Generation in theme and function.

Humanity's Worst Enemy

Humanity’s Worst Enemy – A very helpful card with a very small decay number.  I’ll be interested to see how players will work towards keeping this in play even after flipping the Headquarters. This card’s image brief: Maximum Cuteness. 

Lily Soane

Lily Sloane – Remember the blog I wrote last month about the merge card?  This is it!  She wants damage events to sue her ability and you might have some leftover after blasting the fleet of your opponent out of the sky.  Additionally, this card has Maggie’s favorite placeholder subtitle: Probably Actually Invented Warp Drive.


Incidentally, this will probably be the last Merge card, at least for the time being.  This set started out as two.  John and Ben wanted to make an eighteen card set based around Terra Prime while Lucas and Nathan wanted to make one based off Hawk and eight of his closest friends.  They came together after the fact in what I call a Starfleet Sandwich with Terra Prime occupying the first page and (most of) the last leaving the nine popular personnel (give or take) in the middle.


Mercer – I’ve been reading some rewatches lately and the term Robert Knepper Moment came up.  It took us readers a while to figure out precisely what it meant, but it was a reference to Angel One which featured the actor, but that particular appearance was forgotten by the author.  This is mine.  Patrick Fishler didn’t have a lot of big stuff under his belt when the episode Demons aired, but since, he’s made a bit of a name for himself in the genre.

Modular Transport

Modular Transport – This card caused a great deal of strife in terms of what it would ultimately be titled.  Condensing things greatly, the general vanilla ship generally has the class name for a title.  But J would make a very boring title.  Also, the topic of a prefix came up.  Mayweather has command of the E.C.S. Horizon, but E.C.S. J is quite possibly the worst name for a card ever!  In this case, it was better off left off.

Susan Khouri

Susan Khouri – Of all the cards in the set, this one had the image that could potentially be the most problematic.  This character was key to the whole duology and a catalyst for the story.  She had an important role in both the episodes and the faction.  In terms of screen time, we saw her in one of the opening scene of the first episode and she was fairly disheveled throughout.  I wasn’t sure how well she would translate or even if our Art department could find a good image, but they did a great job in the end.


A Less Perfect Union released last week and is legal today.  Enjoy!

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